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A Narrator's Story is a spinoff series that is related to the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. It is mostly based on Narrator's stories about things that take place outside the continuity of the EMPATH story series that he alone is aware of. Like the EMPATH story series, the Narrator's Story series combines elements and characters from the comic books, the cartoon show, and Sony Pictures' film series.

Stories that are currently part of the series:

Desired Animated Style

The desired animated style of the series would be a cross between the CGI style Smurfs used in Sony Pictures' live-action The Smurfs series and the CGI style Smurfs used in the Smurfs: The Lost Village film, with elements of Disney/Pixar's Brave used for depicting scenery. Humans and various creatures would appear as close to their original cartoon depictions as possible.

Desired Series Soundtrack

The desired instrumental soundtrack for most of the series would be similar to that of the music composed by Heitor Pereira for Sony Pictures' 2011 The Smurfs movie. Ideally, the soundtrack shouldn't overpower the dialogue as it did for the 1980s Smurfs cartoon show, but should show the proper dynamic as the situation in the stories change and remain muted whenever there is dialogue going on between characters, much like how the later Star Trek series used their soundtracks in each episode.