Angel Smurf Vic George
Angel Smurf
GenderMale or female, depending on Smurf character
RaceSpirit in the form of a Smurf
OccupationMoral conscience
First Appearance"Papa's Big Crush"

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Angel Smurf is a character that appears in the Empath-related fanfiction story "Papa's Big Crush", appearing in the form of Papa Smurf to persuade him not to use the "pheromone cologne" in order to attract Smurfette. He usually appears alongside Devil Smurf as the conscience of a Smurf who cautions them to do the right thing whenever they are faced with a moral dilemma. The only Smurf that Angel Smurf wouldn't appear with is Empath, as his sense of morality is based on what the Smurfs would do and what the Psyches would do. Tapper considers Angel Smurf the next best thing to having God being by his side to resist Devil Smurf's temptations. When Devil was trying to tempt Tapper into pursuing after Smurfette's hand in marriage around the same time that the other Smurfs were doing the same on the first day of spring, Angel appeared to help Tapper make the right decision.


Angel Smurf appears in the form of whatever Smurf he or she chooses to appear to. The most common features of Angel Smurf are the light blue skin, the white robe cinched with a gold belt, the angel wings, and the halo over his or her head.

Possible Voice Actor

Angel Smurf's voice would be that of the character Angel Smurf takes the form of. In Papa Smurf's case, it would be either Ethan Phillips or John O'Hurley.

Papa's Temptation

Angel Smurf and Devil Smurf during Papa Smurf's moral dilemma