VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 23 October 2018

Amazon Fire TV drawing

Some drawings done with a paint app on the Amazon Fire TV.

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TheFearlessCreator TheFearlessCreator 15 October 2018

Who's your favorite Smurfelli clan member?

To anyone who has read my latest fanfic, "The Lost Smurfs", I am making a poll to see who's the most popular Smurfelli clan member!

So, who's your favorite?

Fav. Smurfelli clan member? Olivier Axel Astrid Charming Allura Dante Wilt Juliet Clover Echo Aisa

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TheFearlessCreator TheFearlessCreator 12 October 2018

Won't be active this often

Due to my hectic schedule this school year, I'm afraid I won't be more often around here between 9-3. I will still post my chapters when I do have time, so, I'm not leaving permanently. 

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 5 October 2018

Computer down

My computer is currently down due to fan problems. I will be monitoring this wikia mostly through my tablet, but will not be doing any major work on it. I will let you know when it's back in action or something else happens.

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TheFearlessCreator TheFearlessCreator 20 September 2018

Brief hiatus

Due to the upcoming trip I’m taking to Nashville, I will be going on a brief hiatus. Not for long, I may check back. Expect the next chapter of Secrets Of The Underground around Sept. 28 or early October. 

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TheFearlessCreator TheFearlessCreator 14 September 2018

Season 2 Leaks!

As you all know, I’ve finished my recent story “As the Hours Pass By” and now season 2 is opening its doors! Here’s what to expect in the new season!

  • New allies featuring Lost Smurfs are set to appear.
  • Chipper will return.
  • A story featuring The Devereaux Clan meeting their Gender bender counterparts will appear.
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Smurf Manian Smurf Manian 2 September 2018

I missed a day on the 365-day edit achievement...

I have no words...

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 20 August 2018

"Purple Smurf Attack", a Smurf song parody

Sung to the tune of "99 Red Balloons" by Nena.

It happened on a summer breeze
When Lazy went to chop down a tree
A purple fly stung him in the tail
There came from him a painful wail
He felt strange as his skin turned dark
Then "gnap gnap" was all he barked
A frightful sight came upon the earth
Lazy was turned into a Purple Smurf

Lazy was a Purple Smurf,
Hopping up and down the turf
Brainy told Papa what he had saw
Vanity replied with a guffaw
Then others saw him as he hopped away
They chased and caught him before the break of day
Papa warned them to watch their backs
Because on a tail a Purple Smurf will attack

Lazy was bound and held in his house
He escaped and infected Hefty like a mouse
Clumsy was next as he chased him down
Throwing a lasso with which he…

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TheFearlessCreator TheFearlessCreator 7 August 2018

This is awkward, but...

If you guys know any Deviantart artists who are taking requests, please let me know.

Update: If any of you know any Blue Buddies artists who are taking requests, let me know as well.

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A Heroic Smurf A Heroic Smurf 3 August 2018

Lack of Activity Update

Hey guys.

Just wanna post an update detailing my lack of activity recently, for the past few weeks my colleague numbers at work have fallen and those hours have been given to not only myself, but to another colleague, making us work more hours than we're normally used to.

I haven't left the site by an means, I've just been spending more of my time at work than anywhere else.

Hopefully I'll be back once all this is over, I don't know how long that'll be. I might pop back every now and then to check up on things.



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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 20 July 2018

Off-topic: Music to get spaced out with

This is my list of perfect songs to get spaced out with (in no specific order):

  1. "White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane
  2. "Purple Haze" - Jimi Hendrix
  3. "Space Oddity" - David Bowie (no, it's NOT called "Major Tom"; that's Peter Schilling's song)
  4. "Comfortably Numb" - Pink Floyd
  5. "Miracles" - Jefferson Starship
  6. "I Am The Walrus" - The Beatles
  7. "All Along The Watchtower" - Jimi Hendrix
  8. "Tuesday Afternoon" - The Moody Blues
  9. "White Room" - Cream
  10. "Brain Damage/Eclipse" - Pink Floyd
  11. "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" - The Beatles (preferrably the Elton John version)
  12. "What A Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong
  13. "Magic Carpet Ride" - Steppenwolf
  14. "Strawberry Fields" - The Beatles
  15. "Foxy Lady" - Jimi Hendrix
  16. "Nights In White Satin" - The Moody Blues
  17. "Cinnamon Girl" - Neil Young
  18. "In…
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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 15 July 2018

Off-Topic: Hiring Bart Enders

Apparently somebody agrees with me that the Simpsons have been on the air for too long.

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TheFearlessCreator TheFearlessCreator 25 June 2018

To anyone who is doing requests

I don’t think I’ve actually done a request for anyone on this wiki. But, if anyone is taking requests....

Maybe a pic of Benny and Eska? 

just keep in mind that...

  • Benny is half nomad. He doesn’t have any visible nose nor ears. Plus he has his hat on in this picture. If you need a reference, here’s a good one to use

  • Around eachother, Benny acts bashful and coy while Eska is nervous and awkward.

I think that’s about it. And if you know an artist on Deviantart who would do this request, that would be great too.

Just nothing too inappropriate please.

Have fun!

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TheFearlessCreator TheFearlessCreator 20 June 2018

Who should be the surviving Smurfs?

So, as you may know, my newest story, Planted in Time, has begun. And I was planning in the next chapter for there to just be a few surviving Smurfs besides Eska. Maybe about...five. And I honestly have no idea on who should live and who should be gone. 

So, I'm gonna let you guys decide! Tell me in the comments on the five chosen Smurfs to survive in the future! 

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TheFearlessCreator TheFearlessCreator 28 May 2018

Just so you know...

If I borrow your pose, I will definitely make sure I give you as much credit if possible. 

Just cause I hate plagerism as much as the next guy....

I link the original pic below it. And those pics are on my user page first. 

I honestly don’t know how to say this, but I will assume you understood that. 

So thanks! 👍🏻

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 16 May 2018

Stop having fun!

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Enriquearreguin777 Enriquearreguin777 14 May 2018

Vampire/Vampirism cure

I am having trouble coming up with an idea to cure vampirism. For those who don't know, I had been working on a story simply titled, Glovey Vs. Hefty, which involves Hefty Smurf becoming a vampire and infecting various Smurfs and other creatures.

I had been looking into other sources to see some ideas others had made to cure or counter vampires. I'm really only familiar with the idea of killing the master vampire or first vampire to cure everyone who was infected. I also remember seeing vampirism cured in Skyrim

The thing is that I don't see, cannot see, and will not allow Glovey Smurf to participate in something similar to Skyrim, where your avatar character participates in a ritual with gods/demon princes (called daedra) to be cleansed. 


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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 2 May 2018

Off-topic: Using a smartphone

I just started using a smartphone since April, when I saw a ZTE at Walgreens going for $10 with an unlimited data plan through Simple Mobile for $50 a month. I gave it a try and I thought the smartphone thing was...interesting. I got hooked into the non-phone features of the phone and used them more than the phone feature itself, which I bet most people who have a smartphone would end up doing unless they're so into talking with other people on the go. I decided to upgrade to a better phone, the Samsung Galaxy J3, through a different carrier, Mobile PCS. I'm thinking of writing a fanfiction story about the effect of social media on the Smurfs, as they get consumed by being able to communicate with each other through magic mirrors both in t…

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TheFearlessCreator TheFearlessCreator 29 April 2018


So, if anyone wants to draw any of my characters from Smurfs: The Devereaux Story go ahead. I love fan art ❤️👍🏻 Just make sure it’s appropriate enough to be on this wiki.

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Fire-Cooking Fire-Cooking 29 March 2018

Yeah I'm lost

Hello peoples of this fannon wiki,

I have some serious questions about A.) how this wiki works, and B.) how do you post original stories on this thing, because I can't find the formatting anywhere for how I wanna post things.

This fannons totally not a troll I swear to the lord,

-Fire [D.A.]

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 15 February 2018

People with power category

After looking at the recent entries in that category and reviewing its description, I realized that Category:People with power is just too vague and thus needs to be split into smaller, more meaningful categories. So there will be Category:People with socio-political power for people like royals, nobles, politicians, and national leaders, and there will be Category:People with supernatural power for people that possess or wield various types of supernatural power.

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 12 January 2018

Making big noises about retcons in your own fanfics

My question is: Is it really necessary to make big noises about retcons in your own fanfiction series? I mean, if you're just world-building and you haven't written a single story in your series that actually uses any of the characters and elements you established for it, can you really call it a "retcon" if you change things that contradict earlier information of those same elements and characters? I have been actively writing the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series since the 1990s, and I don't really make a big deal about any changes in the series since I already have an established history for the series, and I usually consider my stories to be in a "perpetual beta" state, meaning they are always subject to change whenever I feel they …

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 5 January 2018

Off-topic: Dropping out of modern gaming

As much as I like seeing video games improve over the years, I'm getting to the point where most of modern video gaming is just too much for me to handle. The skill level for most console and computer video games are no longer at the entry level for most people who want to get into gaming or to just enjoy the games without punishing difficulty, and there's also other problems like microtransactions and the increasing cost of game systems which are becoming more like PCs than game systems. I would rather spend my time and money playing yesterday's games and have more fun with them than trying to have fun with playing today's games.

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Smurf Manian Smurf Manian 1 January 2018

Happy New Year

Breaking News: The year 2017, famous for a wave of high-profile career-destroying revelations that shook Hollywood, has died at the age of 365 days. 2018 is widely expected to take its place.

Happy new year, everyone. They're all destined to suck but nothing wrong with making a blog post.

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Smurf Manian Smurf Manian 31 December 2017

Why the AoC Smurfs have such weird names

It may be weird seeing some of the names of Smurfs in the AoC Universe at the moment. Things like Dan'Ariz, Hamwan and Trazin'Mak would obviously sound strange to someone used to the likes of 'Hefty' or 'Grouchy'.

The reason for the naming convention is simple: in the AoC story series, the smurfs are descended from undertrolls, who in turn are descended from primordial trolls - and that is how they used to name their children. A troll generally starts with one name, then dies with another, to signify an achievement of theirs at some point in between. 'Jin' for instance, indicates great leadership - and notice how Kounjin was leader of the Smurf Magocouncil after Hamwan became Grand Vizier.

It was only after the Plague which killed every adult smu…

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Smurf Manian Smurf Manian 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas wiki

Merry Christmas wiki! This is the 6th christmas I'm spending with you guys - enjoy the day; hopefully it's one spent with those most important to you (and not like, a venture to the local community hall full of lonely strangers.)

My new story series is coming along nicely. Still in the world-building stage (and lots of questions surrounding its relevance - or lack of thereof) but I should be in the groove soon.

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 23 December 2017

Necessary purge

To clean up this wikia, I have been going through to find pages and sections of pages related to defunct fanfiction series that are not being worked on anymore and deleting them. So if you find that your pages are disappearing, please let me know.

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Smurf Manian Smurf Manian 21 December 2017

Eros meets Lord Asmodeus on a dating app

NOTE: This short story is considered non-canonical with both the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series and the Aeon of the Champion story series, even though it uses characters from both. It is to be considered 'outside of the timelines' of these respective universe.

"Damn it!"

A quaking fist came slamming down onto the table, sending a nearby teacup flying into orbit (albeit momentarily) before crashing back down to Earth, sending its ceramic debris across the galaxy - I mean, bedroom.

"And now I've got to buy a new teacup. Aww crap, this just hasn't been my day."

The Cherub signed and slid the shattered remains to one side. Right now, a broken mug was the least of his concerns. What bugged him more than anything in that moment was the pain…

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THDG THDG 17 December 2017

Finished with the first leg of the journey

So it looks like My Envied Lady has 21 chapters instead of 20. But "chapter" 21 is just a paragraph or two, so I'd like to think I could be forgiven for miscounting. 

The next installment is longer, and I'm thinking of breaking it in two, for thematic reasons. Also, once some things happen, you'll be confused and/or stumble on major spoilers if you skip around, so I really, really recommend reading the stories in order beyond this point. I'm purposefully not making wiki articles about my favorite OC for this exact reason because I feel rather strongly about this. 

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Smurf Manian Smurf Manian 16 December 2017

Lack of activity

What's going on? I've been the only active user for like, the past week. Is it something to do with those wildfires I've been hearing so much about?

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Smurf Manian Smurf Manian 3 December 2017

Aeon of the Champion: Re-thinking the Pantheon

Since I know most people don't give a flying monkey, I wouldn't normally post something like this. That said, I've been giving the Aeon of the Champion story series a look lately, and I'm not satisfied with the way I handled the story's opening. I feel as if I've been too skinny on the inner working of the Pantheon of Gods for the sake of saving time. For instance, should there really only be 5 major gods in the whole thing? Olyrin the Highfather, his consort Elva, Aimar the traveller, Irmhild the Warmother, and Meinolf the Philosopher. The line-up sounds nice and all, but it's a bit limited. I'd like to have taken the time to expand on it a lot more, possibly by adding more gods, and also by detailing their duties as opposed to creating s…

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Thunderbird1InternationalRescue Thunderbird1InternationalRescue 18 November 2017

Fanfic Ideas

(Slap) Top of the mornin' to ya laddies! My name is Thunderbird1InternationalRescue here today to ask if any of you out there might have any ideas for my first fanfic on here. Comment below if you have any.


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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 23 October 2017

Speaking in tongues?

At church service Sunday I began what sounded like "praying in the Spirit", though all I could hear myself saying was just one word over and over. Tonight it went from one word to a phrase that sounded like it was in a foreign language, but it wasn't in a language that I even heard anyone speak in. I think it may be my moment of "speaking in tongues" as the Bible calls it. This is a sample of what I recorded myself saying.

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Smurf Manian Smurf Manian 21 October 2017

Thoughts on the D&D Alignment system?

For those who are unaware, my new story series uses the D&D alignment system to determine a character's morality. This is in contrast to the 'Good-Evil' binary used by other fanfictions. I felt that, since there are varying levels of morality, it would be more appropriate this to be reflected with a spectrum of moral alignments rather than a choice between whichever of two values provides the best "overall" picture.

The D&D alignments are as follows:

Lawful good - a character who will fight for fairness and justice, but work within the system to promote change. In fantasy fiction paladins and knights usually go in this category.

Neutral good - a character with a good heart, but usually keeps to their own counsel. They may bend the rules from …

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 12 October 2017

My Halloween costume

This is a sample of me in my Halloween costume.

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Numbuh 404 Numbuh 404 11 October 2017

Learning New Skills

Hi, guys! I know I've been gone a long while, but as I've mentioned before, I'm not 100% gone from the Wiki. I just take breaks to work on other projects (sometimes on other Wikis, sometimes original ones for my career, and a lot for my classes since I'm still a student). I wanted to let everyone know that I've been learning how to use a program called ZBrush, which is essentially like sculpting digital clay. After struggling for months with Maya -- the technical, non-drawing modelling program -- ZBrush is the creative, draw-directly-onto-the-model type of program I'm quickly falling in love with.

My first project was a quick sculpture of a stylized head of Sidney Poindexter from Danny Phantom, the second was a much simpler sculpture of Sha…

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Smurf Manian Smurf Manian 1 October 2017

New series

Alright, so over the past couple of days I've been preparing my new fanfiction series for its grand launch. Given the amount of irl shizzle I've got to deal with, there will be infrequent updates to the series around this month. When I've got more time, I'll start posting longer updates. In the meantime the relevant pages will be updated with information regarding my new series; that'll be done later today.

I know I have a reputation for switching between series constantly, fragmenting and being left indecisive as to what to actually write about. I think I've struck a good balance here.

Let's see what the wiki thinks.

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A Heroic Smurf A Heroic Smurf 25 September 2017

Poll: Johan Cosplay Images: Yay or Nay?

This may seem like a strange blog, but just recently, Comic-Con was in Glasgow, Scotland, on the 23rd and 24th September 2017. On the Saturday of the event, I attended it cosplaying as Sir Johan (nobody knew who I was; so I was kinda expecting that considering The Smurfs series is rather obscure.)

Now, main question: I took some cosplay-related images and would just like to ask you guys here: Would you like to see 'em? Simply type "Yes" or "No" in the comments and if the majority is yes, then I'll post them to this blog. I've already posted a majority of them on the Smurfs Fandom Community Skye Group.

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Enriquearreguin777 Enriquearreguin777 12 September 2017

Hmm... Is this still a coincidence?

Is it just me... maybe.... nah..... well.... uhm.....

I mean, they'renothing alike. Right?

One wears a glove, and the other doesn't!

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 31 August 2017

New Smurfs TV series in development

For those who are waiting for a new Smurfs TV series, there is some good news. Link to article at Newsarama

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 14 August 2017

A Multiversal Heavenly Meeting

NOTE: This mini-story features characters from A Heroic Smurf's HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series and Enriquearreguin777's Smurf Me Up! story series. This story is not authorized or endorsed by either of the authors and is considered non-canon to their story series and to the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.

Tapper was in heaven for an indefinite period of time, enjoying the presence of being with the Lord in His true glorified form, listening to everything that He was telling His saints. He turned and just noticed that there were two other Smurfs sitting with him on the grassy knoll, also wearing white robes and a golden halo over their heads. One of them had a red dragon symbol embroidered on the top part of his hat, and another was …

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Enriquearreguin777 Enriquearreguin777 12 August 2017

I'm not dead. Immortal maybe

It's been too long.

I come and edit here, and there. I'm just making a point here by saying I did not quit on my stories. I did not give up on anything. I have been very busy with work. There are other matters in real life, and I have been focusing on that. I was also going through some depression/suicidal phases. I won't get into detail on that, for it is very personal.

I'm not struggling on stories. Iactually have quite a few done. I'm also editing some of my works that are under progress. That goes for the images as well. I'm just trying to find a right time to fit all this with my schedule. 

Not many spoilers, but I'm working on the exile stories and the stories about Glovey's son, Angel Smurf. On a side note, I'm working on another speci…

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A Heroic Smurf A Heroic Smurf 9 August 2017

Dark Clouds Are Coming

Hey, guys! I don't normally make blogs like this, but I feel like I have no other choice. I just want to let you all know that I'll be away for a bit (I don't know how long for exactly, could be a day; couple of days, a week, who knows!). The reason behind this is because I feel my anxiety (which I've been fighting for almost 10 years) is starting to become depression and the most common symptoms of depression are starting to become noticeable, for those that know me on a personal level; they know that I always seem like a bright and cheery person, but I'm just gonna come clean, I was only doing that to mask how I really felt.

I know people have said to speak up about it if you're ever feeling that way, and trust me when I say this, I have t…

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Numbuh 404 Numbuh 404 5 August 2017

Flour Sack Animation Project

Hi, guys! As you may have noticed, I've been MIA on this site for a few months. It's nothing personal, I'm just busy working on other stuff (school, work, personal projects, etc.), but I wanted to share my latest animation project: an enchanted flour sack decides to draw a crude portrait of Greedy Smurf, which Greedy does not find amusing. It's up now on my Youtube channel!

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 3 August 2017

Vic's Oat Burger Recipe

1 29-oz can tomato sauce
3 cups oats
1 cup ground bread crumbs
2 eggs
1 cup pickle relish
1 large yellow onion, chopped and diced
1 large green pepper, chopped and diced
Some garlic powder
Some seasoned salt
Some other spices

Mix together oats and bread crumbs in large mixing bowl. Then add tomato sauce and eggs. Add relish, chopped onions, and chopped peppers. Add a dash of spices and mix together thoroughly. Let mixture sit in refrigerator for about half an hour, then use a 1/2-cup scoop to form into patties and freeze in sandwich bags. Cook patties on a frying pan over medium heat with a small amount of cooking oil; fry each side until toasted.

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 13 June 2017

Wiki Layout Change

Fandom has just changed the layout for all wikis, so I made some adjustments on this wiki to accommodate its latest look.

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 7 June 2017

The Return From The Honeymoon: A Hero Story

NOTE: This story is not considered canon to the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series.

It has been about two months since Hero and Wonder had gone away on their honeymoon together, and now the Smurfs were beginning to wonder about the two Smurfs, whether they were going to return anytime soon and begin their ordinary life in the village as a married couple.

Papa Smurf was in his laboratory doing some cleaning up, trying to keep his mind off the growing concerns of his little Smurfs, when Nikolai entered with a tray of hot smurfberry tea and a cup. "Would you care for a little refreshment at this time, Papa Smurf?" Nikolai asked.

"Thank you, Nikolai, I would appreciate it very much," Papa Smurf said, taking the cup and letting Nikolai pour the te…

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Enriquearreguin777 Enriquearreguin777 29 May 2017

Jamais Vu

NOTE: This story is considered non-canon to the Smurf Me Up series.

The S.S. Shining Light is seen flying through a thunderstorm, on the surface of an unknown planet. Below the planet, a larger vessel appears crashed. Anastesius opens the door of the ship as he gazes below and gets his head all soaken. He lifts up his iDroid, and listens to his instructions.

Zowfee: (Radio) My Prince, we got an urgent request to investigate unusual activity below this unknown planet. The client's identification is unknown as well. I say this because there is no record in our database for somebody in the galaxy by the name of "Flyro." According to this Flyro, the vessel below had crash below after a black comet hit it. The vessel then lost all communications, and …

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 7 May 2017

The Day Of 100 Weddings: A Hero Story

NOTE: This story is considered non-canon to the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series.

It was a day that most of the Smurfs and Smurfettes have looked forward to -- the day when Papa Smurf and Mother Smurfette decided that they would all be married. Originally they all wanted their own special days on which they could have their own special wedding ceremonies, but then Abloec advised Papa Smurf and Mother Smurfette that the best way they could have all the Smurfs and Smurfettes be satisfied without dishonoring each other or the Almighty was to have just one day where the couples could marry in one single ceremony. Papa Smurf and Mother Smurfette thought that it was the best idea, and so arranged for that one day in which the Smurfs and Smurfet…

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Numbuh 404 Numbuh 404 29 April 2017

Motes Idea

While doing some nostalgic indulgence in old vieo games, I came across the idea of "motes," which are described as small pieces of pure elements designed to be make any ordinary weapon or person equipped with magical enhancement. I used to use these during the haydays of playing Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, but have also found motes in other games like World of Warcraft. I'm just hoping the term "Mote" is the universal name for these things because I think, if we could get an article on here about them, they could be a super fun and creative magical item for our stories. Thoughts?

P.S. Here's some of the links I found pertaining to this topic:

  1. The WOW Wiki Article
  2. The Neodex Article

UPDATE: Here's a link to a gameplay video from Neopets: The Dark…

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