VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 25 January 2012

"Empath's Wedding" complete

Well, that fanfiction story is now complete...or at least, relatively complete. There may be some additional work to refine things, but for the most part I'm glad to get it finished.

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RWthebigfan RWthebigfan 15 January 2012

"The Lure of the Orb" major complaint

I have sort of a serious complaint on an episode called "The Lure of the Orb". In two points in the episode, Harmony is conducting a band, but everyone sounds bad. What annoys me most is that there is a xylophone in there that is WAY TOO LOUD. Well, loud enough for me to not fully understand what a few of the smurfs are saying. Please help me identify some lines from those points. Thanks!

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RWthebigfan RWthebigfan 14 January 2012

Even Smurfier Outtakes!

It's time for yet another batch of outtakes!

"Fire Fighting Smurfs"

Brainy: Oh well, somesmurf should make a speech. Nat and Snappy met many years ago when they...hello? (Hefty pushes him off the table)

Director: Let's go again, and this time, push him off at the right time, alright?

I'll add more when I think of some. In the meantime, any ideas?

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RWthebigfan RWthebigfan 6 January 2012

"The Smurfwalk Cafe" concern

I was going to do this on Smurfs Wiki, but I couldn't do any blogging there for some reason, so I have to do it here, even though it's not fanfic related.

I had watched the episode "The Smurfwalk Cafe" and for some reason I noticed Brainy's voice was different than normal. In case Danny Goldman did not voice Brainy in that episode, please drop a message. Thanks!

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 31 December 2011

''EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf'' novel in French?

Just an idea I was toying with is the possibility of seeing my EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf novel getting translated into French, the original language of the Smurf stories. Of course, in order to do that, some modifications to the original story have to be made to accommodate for the fact that Papa Smurf is referred to as Grand Schtroumpf in French. Since in their universe Smurf fathers are generally referred to as Papa Smurf, he and pretty much all the other adult Smurfs who were fathers of Empath's generation of Smurfs would have to be referred to as Pere Schtroumpf (which literally is Father Smurf), and it would be mostly Empath who would refer to Papa Smurf as Pere Schtroumpf and not Grand Schtroumpf.

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RWthebigfan RWthebigfan 23 December 2011

More outtakes!

Another batch of outtakes:

"Crying Smurfs, Final Scene, Take 1"

Hefty: Gee, Weepy, when I thought you were a goner I...I...

Director: Set off.

(Suddenly, all the lights on the set go off, no one understanding what "set off" ment.)

Hefty: (starts strongly) I felt...Hey, this isn't what "set off" means!

(camera cuts)

"Adventures of Robin Smurf, Scene 3, Take 1"

(audio file plays, with guitar)

Tracker: ...And had they the chance to take our place

We know that every smurf would

(all smurfs boo at Tracker before Hefty says anything)

Tracker: What? Let me guess, you're making fun of Harmony, right?

(camera cuts)

"The Three Smurfkateers, Scene ?, Take 2"

(castle view)

Clumsy: Oh my, my, my, my, my. I think I'm gonna cry. Yes. (Begins crying. At this point, the th…

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RWthebigfan RWthebigfan 22 December 2011

Say Goodbye to the Handsome Looking

You've probably read my unfinished story, entitled "Smart Moves or Dumb Shoes?" (anyone can finish it), and I would like help starting a second story of the saga, entitled "Say Goodbye to the Handsome Looking"

The "you" in this story is Vanity. Each story has a main character being controlled by the reader.


A big party is about to be celebrated, and you're invited! A big smurfberry cake is going to be made, but unfortunately, the amount of smurfberries are limited, and Papa Smurf sends you to find some. While you are looking, suddenly, Azrael charges at you! The good news is, you're not hurt. The bad news is, your flower that has been on your hat for so long is gone. You have a talk with Papa Smurf, saying that you just don't look beaut…

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Swallows Swallows 18 December 2011

Smurfs in Orlando

I'm in Orlando Florida and I was wondering if there was any Smurf related stuff around here I am here with my parents (storage acuction people) so while my mom and. Dad work we were going to universal studio's because I heard they had some stuff to do with Smurfs or something. Do you know if that is true

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RWthebigfan RWthebigfan 16 December 2011

"Choose Your Own Adventure" in a new style

I am doing a series of stories based on the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series of books.

Here are a couple of plots:

1. Papa Smurf sends you and your best friend Clumsy to find ingredients for a potion. Along the way, you find a path that goes in two separate directions. If you go left, you'll end up on an adventure that you will never forget. And it doesn't look like fun! If you go right, you will end up in Gargamel's hands. But don't worry, the other smurfs will save you, or will they? The decision is yours in this adventure as you choose from several different possible endings!

Swallows suggested this plot here:

Papa Smurf sends you to find missing smurfberries for a cake. While you are out in the forest looking for smurfberries, suddenly, …

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RWthebigfan RWthebigfan 9 December 2011

Outtakes on episodes

Hi. I'm thinking about doing some outtakes for Smurfs episodes because I was bored and thought it would be great to do something like this (I've wanted to do this for quite some time now.)

Here's one possible blooper:

"The Smurflings, Scene 4, Take 1"

(BTW, if you watched this episode, you'll know what this is.)

The grandfather clock bursts open, and Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy, who were now smurflings, came out of the clock, wearing the original hats and pants that were now too big for them.

"Smurf-a-roo!" Snappy laughed. "That was some ride!"

"I specifically remember Papa Smurf sending us to-" Slouchy started, standing up, but his sentence was cut short when he realized that he had forgotten to hold on to his baggy pants, and they had obviously f…

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Swallows Swallows 8 December 2011

Why do you like the Smurfs ?

We all have our different reasons for liking the Smurfs, most people watched the eighties cartoon show when they were younger and have become fans over the years, and some of use like Smurfs because of the 2011 movie. I want to know why you like or LOVE smurfs in the comments below, thanks swallows

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 30 November 2011

Alignment added to Character Infobox

There's a new field added to Template:Character Infobox called Alignment, which is the character's moral alignment: Good, Evil, or Neutral.

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 28 November 2011

Voice nationalities of Empath: The Luckiest Smurf characters

  • 1 American
  • 2 British
  • 3 Irish
  • 4 Scottish
  • 5 French
  • 6 Dutch
  • 7 Italian
  • 8 German
  • 9 Spanish/Latino
  • 10 Oriental

  • Empath
  • Papa Smurf
  • Smurfette
  • Brainy
  • Hefty
  • Handy
  • Vanity
  • Grouchy
  • Lazy
  • Greedy

  • Tracker

  • Tapper

  • Duncan McSmurf
  • Miner

  • Painter

  • Miller

  • Goodie

  • Culinary

  • Spinner

  • Tidy
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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 26 November 2011

Respecting author's rights in articles

As much as we would like to help each other out with the articles, there should be set boundaries as far as respecting the author's rights when it comes to articles relating to characters and things specific to the author's fanon story or story series.

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Numbuh 404 Numbuh 404 25 November 2011

Smurfs Game Problem

Has anyone else tried to play the smurfs game on I'm trying to build Handy's MotorSmurfer, but I can't even figure out which piece to start with. Any help?

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Swallows Swallows 22 November 2011

Ask me anything

Please ask me any Smurf related question, I CAN answer it. Just leave a comment below and I will give a reply! thanks- swallows

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Swallows Swallows 14 November 2011

Smurf names

Ok, I suck at making Smurf names and such, does any one have any ideas that I can use?

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ConsultingDetective ConsultingDetective 8 November 2011

Has anybody read my story yet?

Has anybody read Sealed Away Smurfs: How it Began, because I've just finished it and know one seems to becommenting on it, my episodes will be much shorter though, about the size of Smurfs Season 10. Has anybody read it yet?

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Numbuh 404 Numbuh 404 3 November 2011


In case some of you haven't noticed yet, I've posted the first few chapters of The Reluctant Dark Knight, including the introduction page and prologue, but have not recieved many comments on the pages. I'm curious to know if anyone had read it up to Chapter 4 - if so, please leave a comment on each page. I always read them even if I don't respond; it's just a way to know whether or not to continue posting chapter pages, you know?

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ConsultingDetective ConsultingDetective 27 October 2011

Awesome Smurf Names

Hey guys, I'd like to help if you get stuck on Smurf names, feel free to take some of them. (I might put the meaning of the words up later!)

  • Anarchy Smurf
  • Dazed Smurf
  • Brownnoser Smurf
  • Chatty Smurf
  • Gullible Smurf
  • Justice Smurf
  • Grabby Smurf
  • Cleanfreak Smurf
  • Pasta Smurf
  • Punk Smurf

That's all folks! Please help contribute by putting your own Smurf names that you will not use! And please comment below if you want one of the names.

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Swallows Swallows 25 October 2011


Ok, gargamels cat azreal, he is one of my favorite Carecters ever, haven't you noticed in the old comics Pierre Culliford made azreal sound as if he was a boy but his gender was never determined because they usually referred to s/he as "it" what do you think Azreal is a boy or a girl?

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Swallows Swallows 22 October 2011

Comic cons

I love going to comic cons or expo's but I have never came across any smurfs in any expo's , should I be looking some ware else for vintage or new Smurfs, I sometimes go to specialty toy stores that sell yearly Smurfs but thats it!

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Swallows Swallows 21 October 2011

Rare Smurf figurines

I have a smurfette on a skateboard does anyone know if os rare. I also have a penny guy ands a surfer guy and a fisher guy are any of those rare?

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Swallows Swallows 20 October 2011


I love my collection, I have emptied a space in my bookshelf and made little scenes with my figurines, am I the only one who collects Smurfs and does not take the tags off?

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Numbuh 404 Numbuh 404 20 October 2011


Alright, so I've discovered this site and have rapidly begun creating my characters' pages, but I wonder: can I post my actual stories I've written about them anywhere on this site, or should I do it elsewhere (like and make links to them?

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Swallows Swallows 18 October 2011

My comics

Ok, I LOVE Smurf comics, the original ones by Peyton culliford ( peyo) , they inspired me to make more and to share them sadly I can't really post them on here because I am doing this over my iPad and My comics are on paper.

Even before I made comics I was taking pictures of my Smurfs when I when on vacations and to my grandparents farm and such ( the picture of the Smurf on vacation is not my pic, but I have one like it)

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IceSeason101 IceSeason101 20 September 2011


We have no stubs at all. Once we get up to 200 pages, I will try to get us sponsered. We also need a image that is 255px wide and 123px tall. I will work on that. I will also ask if an Empath Photo would be good.

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VicGeorge2K9 VicGeorge2K9 7 September 2011

New Character Infobox

I've just added a Template:Character Infobox for people in creating pages about their own characters.

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BabySmurf3 BabySmurf3 29 August 2011

Empath: The Movie

I think that it would be a great idea for this wiki to create a real Empath movie, the directer being Vic George. I know that it would be terribly hard, but some users could find a way to get CGI animation (to animate the Smurfs) and then everyone would take turns filming a scene and posting it on the wiki. Of course, it would require permission from Vic George (who would direct the project) and it would need to stay true to the original Empath stories. It could eventually be released on DVD. The project would be tricky to make, and it would take a long time, but it could happen. Everyone that is interested can sign up in the comment section.

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BabySmurf3 BabySmurf3 26 August 2011

This wiki rocks

I love this wiki! Iceseason101 is such a good leader...There are so many good images...The pages are smurftaculuar...I would love to be an admin here. Anyway, I was thinking that a way to make this awesome wiki even better would be to add something in relation to the new Smurf movie. After all, it was created to promote the movie. But there is another idea that I came up with the other day. On YouTube, there is a video entitled "Smurfs Season 1 - The Baby Smurf" and it is a filming of an old Hannah-Barbera Smurf episode. If people that are interested could watch the video, it could be a really good way to promote the film. Bye.

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