Clockwork Smurfette Cartoon
Clockwork Smurfette's original appearance

Clockwork Smurfette Fanfiction
Clockwork Smurfette's upgraded appearance

Mama Clockwork
Clockwork Smurfette as Mama Clockwork

Clockwork Smurfette
Also Known AsMama Clockwork ("Empath's Wedding")
Schtroumpfette Mecanique (Schtroumpf translation)
RaceMachine in Smurf form
OccupationClockwork Smurf's companion
Marital StatusTechnically married
Known RelationsHandy Smurf (creator)
King Gerard (friend)
Queen Guinevere (friend)
Prince Jared (friend)
Clockwork Smurf (male companion)
Baby Clockwork Smurf (child)
ResidenceCastle in King Gerard's kingdom
Voice ActorAT&T Natural Voices (desired, Version 2.0 and beyond)

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"All I want is for Clockwork to be happy."

Clockwork Smurfette is a character who is part of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.


She is a female companion that Handy had created for Clockwork Smurf when he was lonely for someone like Smurfette. Her history is similar to that of her cartoon show universe counterpart. However, when Handy had rebuilt the original Clockwork Smurf into his newer form, Clockwork took what he knew about the upgrades and gave his companion similar features to his own, adding a nozzle on the flopped top portion of her hat. The two of them also created a new companion for themselves that they called Baby Clockwork, who in appearance is similar to Baby Smurf.


When she was first created, Clockwork Smurfette was initially attracted to her creator Handy and paid very little attention to Clockwork Smurf. However, when the Smurfs were captured by Gargamel and Clockwork Smurf was seriously overmatched by him, Azrael, and Scruple, she came to the rescue and fell in love with Clockwork. She wasn't able to express her feelings in anything but mechanical squeaks until a voice box was created for her by Clockwork himself based on Handy's Clockwork Smurf 2.0 designs, which were stored in his memory.


In her original appearance, Clockwork Smurfette resembled a mechanical version of Smurfette with ropy black hair, a simple white dress, blocky shoes, and a wind-up key that appeared in the back. With the 2.0 upgrade, the wind-up key was removed, her hat was replaced with one that could squirt out liquid from a nozzle, and her blocky fingers and shoes were replaced with naturally curved fingers and shoes. When she became Mama Clockwork Smurf, her ropy black hair was replaced with straight short black hair, and her white hat and dress were made red.

Voice Actors

Her voice would be provided by AT&T Natural Voices.