OccupationLeader of the Schliphargons
Known RelationsHeftargan (subordinate)
First Appearance"Where No Smurf Has Gone Before"

Empath Icon

"The galaxy shall fear a Schliphargon who properly rules over them."

Cullivargh is the captain and leader of the Schliphargons, whom the Smurfs had met in the fanfiction story "Where No Smurf Has Gone Before". He roughly resembles and sounds like Papa Smurf in his alternate-identity form as Grandpa Swoof. Although a warrior at heart, Cullivargh prefers to lead his people through wisdom and intelligence rather than through brute force. He refused to let Heftargan kill Empath when he was defeated in trial by combat, seeing that his telekinetic and telepathic abilities would be best served in helping the Schliphargons master the ship that they have absconded from the Zonnaxians.

Possible Voice Actor

As with Papa Smurf, Cullivargh would probably be voiced by Ethan Phillips or John O'Hurley.