Dreamy's magic whistle
First Appearance"Smurfed Behind: The Departure"

Dreamy's magic whistle is a device that was given to Dreamy by Papa Smurf in the cartoon show episode "Dreamy's Nightmare", which would enable whoever blew into it to be instantly transported back to the Smurf Village. Dreamy took it with him when he planned to take a trip around the world, but unfortunately he didn't get far in his journey when Gargamel captured him and took his magic whistle, using it to transport himself to the Smurf Village.

Papa Smurf found out that Gargamel had captured Dreamy and soon the Smurfs went with Gargamel, who had been cast with a potion that made him nice, back to Gargamel's castle in order to rescue him from Azrael. However, the effects of the potion had worn off, and Gargamel captured all the Smurfs and locked them inside a cupboard while he prepared a boiling kettle to put the Smurfs in. Fortunately, Vanity now had the magic whistle in his possession, and with the Smurfs all joining hands with each other, Papa Smurf blew the whistle, and they all were transported back to the village.

The magic whistle appears again in "Smurfed Behind: The Departure" as Empath takes it along with the HoloSmurf that was in Papa Smurf's laboratory on his own journey to rescue the timelost Smurfs. It is at the end of the journey when all the Smurfs were transported back to their own time, but now halfway across the world, that Polaris Psyche gave Papa Smurf the whistle. In similar fashion to the cartoon show episode, Papa Smurf blew the whistle when all the Smurfs present held hands together and they were all transported back to the Smurf Village.