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Gargamel and Azrael Profile - Smurfs.jpg
Also Known As "Garggy" (by Scruple)
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality European/French
Occupation Wizard & Mentor
Alignment Evil
Marital Status Miserably Single
Known Relations "Mummy" (Mother)
Lord Balthazar (Godfather)
Denisa (God-Niece)
Smurfette ("Daughter")
Residence His Hovel
Voice Actor Paul Winchell (Original)
Michael Bell (Season 9)
Hank Azaria (Desired)
Actor Hank Azaria (2011)
First Appearance Original: "The Smurfnapper" Comic

Fanon: "Beyond the Mirror's Reflection" Season 1

Universe LD Stories

Gargamel (AKA "Garggy") is a character from the original comic books and cartoon show. His Wiki page is located here. He also exists in The Smurfs: Light and Dark.

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Background Information

Gargamel just plain hates the Smurfs. So does his tabby cat, Azrael, who is almost always at his side -- during good times or bad. According to "Gargamel's Time Trip," he first met the Smurfs when he was around twenty years old, and it was Azrael who captured Brainy -- the first Smurf either of them had ever seen.

While Gargamel isn't the strongest villain, he is a highly competent wizard at times. He is the current owner of The Great Book of Spells, which can be used when there is a full moon for things beyond his normal repertoire. Contrast to his skills in the mystic arts, he is notably clumsy, foolish, or gullible. While he is regarded as a wizard (by others and self-proclaimed), his methods seem to imply that he is more of an alchemist and inventor.

Relationship with Scruple

He first meets Scruple in "The Enchanted Quill."

  • Season 1 -- Though he despises his apprentice, they get along in times when they both want to achieve a monetary or status-related goal. Their relationship is problematic -- a real "push/pull" situation -- and neither one genuinely enjoys each other's company.
  • Season 2 -- Pending...
  • Season 3 -- Pending...

Relationship with Denisa

Whenever his God-niece, Denisa, is dumped onto him from Lord Balthazar, Gargamel's only motivation behind his "kindness" towards her is the agreement between him and his Godfather: see that she is happy or suffer his wrath. Therefore, Gargamel despises the young girl and wishes she would simply leave him alone, so he often sticks her with Scruple.

After she discovered that he is a mortal foe to the Smurfs, her friends, he has had to work much harder to keep her content. This includes being nice or talking goodly of the Smurfs in her presence, postponing his projects to infiltrate the village, and letting her visit them when she is in his care - all of which makes his skin crawl.


Gargamel is roughly the same height as Johan, but is usually hunched over in his old age. He has pale skin, black hair travelling over his ears, and standard black eyes.

  • Seasons 1 & 2 -- He wears a black cloak with grey patches on his elbows and front, red leggings, and red round-cuff flat shoes.

Voice Actor(s)

A good voice actor after Paul Winchell would be Hank Azaria, who played his role in the 2011 & 2013 Smurfs films, and he was the voice actor for The Legend of Smurfy Hollow in 2015.


  • As he states in the original cartoon show episode, "The Blue Plague," he is allergic to sumac. It irritates his skin and may cause rashes from scratching until he is no longer exposed to the plant.
  • His birthday is on Halloween (October 31th); he shares it with Jokey Smurf. His zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • Deep down, he is insecure about how he looks, and feels lonely. He wants someone to remember his birthday and comfort him when he is weak, but all he has is Scruple and Azrael.
  • In "Hefty's Heart," one of the Smurfs asks why Gargamel does not catch the Yellow Hate Disease, so Papa Smurf hypothesizes that he had caught it long ago. This suggests that his genuinely Evil nature has become so deep-rooted that the effects are permanent.