Known RelationsAzrael (cat)
Scruple (apprentice)
Voice ActorUnknown

"I can never understand why the Smurfs have to be such vile creatures when all I want to be with them is friends."

The Gargamel of the Mirror Universe that Empath and Polaris had encountered the evil Smurfs in is the heroic and kindhearted counterpart of his normal universe self. Where the normal universe Gargamel sought to capture Smurfs for his own personal gain, the Gargamel of the Mirror Universe was only interested in studying them, though it put him in constant danger as the Smurfs of his own universe were quite fond of causing trouble with the wizard. Noticing that there was no female Smurf among their group, Gargamel sought to make appeasement to the Smurfs in the hope that there would be a truce by creating for them a female Smurf who was the embodiment of everything that was good. Unfortunately, Papa Smurf decided to remake Smurfette into a real Smurf, which ended up corrupting her completely. From that point on, Gargamel simply sought to stay completely away from the Smurfs and focus his attentions on training his apprentice Scruple, whom he had adopted when the guild of sorcerers refused to take him in.

At the point where Empath and Polaris had escaped from the Mirror Universe Smurf Village, Empath had sought out Gargamel for his help, who at first didn't believe him, but after careful examination realized that this version of Empath wasn't native to his world and that the Smurfs were becoming too powerful a threat to contain. As with the Gargamel of the normal universe, the Mirror Universe version obtained the Gauntlets of Gantharros and used them to attack the Smurfs, hoping to stop them once and for all without killing them, only to find himself overwhelmed by an army of self-replicating Clockwork Smurfs. Eventually the Psyches joined in the fight and defeated the Clockwork Smurf army, with the Psyche Master permanently incapacitating the Mirror Universe version of Empath. With the Smurfs now at his mercy, Gargamel had to seal them away by using the Key of Chronos that he has in his possession to open a portal that put them in a never-ending time loop from which they could never escape or do anyone any harm. Gargamel then helped the normal universe Empath and Polaris return to their own world by reactivating the Mirror of Janus, though after its use the mirror on both worlds shattered, severing the link between the worlds.