Gerry Royeaux
Gerry Royeaux
OccupationHigh school student
Known RelationsKing Gerard (distant ancestor)
Jeremy Royeaux (father, deceased)
Jasmine Royeaux (mother)
Clockwork Smurf (friend)
Rex (originally Puppy, pet)

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Gerry Royeaux is a human that lives in the early 21st Century that Empath has met through accidental time travel.

Background Information

He is the descendant of King Gerard and the current owner of Clockwork Smurf, who at that point was totally inoperable through years of neglect. It was because of this toy that Gerry had an interest in collecting Smurfs (as in toys, games, cartoons, books, etc.) during an age when most of the known world regards them as a cartoon creation of a Belgian artist named Peyo.

It was through his contact with Empath that he realized that the Smurfs were more than just legend, and through Empath's help they discovered that the timelost Smurfs were trapped in a laboratory owned by business magnate Garfield Melthorne, a descendant of the evil wizard Gargamel.

Gerry also has a pet dog named Rex, who turns out to be the Smurfs' own dog Puppy remaining ageless throughout the years.


Gerry behaves like a typical 21st century American teenager, but is very friendly towards people. He doesn't like to see his friends get hurt by anyone, no matter what their actual intentions are. He is considered very intelligent, and likes to use computers for studying and entertainment.