Grandpa Swoof Fanfiction 2
Grandpa Swoof
Also Known AsPapa Smurf (non-Imaginarium version)
OccupationVillage leader
Known RelationsThe Swoofs, Astro Smurf
Voice ActorEthan Phillips (Desired)
First Appearance"Where No Smurf Has Gone Before"

"My home on Planet Swoof is your home, Astro Smurf."

Grandpa Swoof is a character that Dreamy had originally encountered as Astro Smurf in the episodes "The Astro Smurf" and "Dreamy's Pen Pals". In those stories, he was really Papa Smurf, who had used a magic potion and a spell in order to transform himself and his little Smurfs into Swoofs so that Dreamy would believe that he had actually traveled through space and landed on their planet.

However, Brainy had accidentally caused Dreamy to discover the truth of who the Swoofs really are when he failed to complete the formula that not only transformed the Smurfs into Swoofs but also created a "reality bubble" that transformed the Smurf Village into the Swoof Village when Dreamy decided he would travel to their world again. The exposure of this ruse would be greatly disheartening to Dreamy, who in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story series would continually hold this fault against Papa Smurf.

In the fanfiction story "Where No Smurf Has Gone Before", Grandpa Swoof appears as part of Dreamy's fantasy world inside the Imaginarium based on his earlier "visits" with the Swoofs, this time with Grandpa Swoof more accepting of Dreamy's presence on their world and more willing to explore his despite their limited level of technology, since the Grandpa Swoof of the Imaginarium fantasy is simply a recreation of Papa Smurf's alternate identity and not Papa Smurf himself in that identity.

After Dreamy had made his first real travel into space and met with an alien race called the Schliphargons, he went back inside his Imaginarium fantasy setting and told Grandpa Swoof that he could never come to visit him again, with Grandpa Swoof understanding his reasons for doing so but saying that Dreamy will always have a place among the Swoofs.

Possible Voice Actor

As with Papa Smurf, Grandpa Swoof would be voiced by either Ethan Philips or John O'Hurley.


  • Grandpa Swoof's appearance in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series combines elements from both the comic book and the cartoon show versions of "The Astro Smurf", with him having both orange skin and white hair.
  • In the Papercutz English translation of "The Astro Smurf", the character is renamed Papa Swoof.