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Handy Profile.jpg
Handy Smurf
Gender Male
Race Smurf
Nationality Smurf Village
Occupation Carpenter & Inventor
Alignment Good
Marital Status Single (Current)
Known Relations The Smurfs (Family)
Residence Smurf Village
Voice Actor Michael Bell (Original)

Rob Paulson (Desired)

First Appearance Original: "The Smurfs and the Magic Flute" comic book 1958

Fanon: "Smurfs in the City" Season 1

Universe LD Stories

Handy Smurf is a character from the original comics and cartoon show. His Wiki page is located here. He also exists in The Smurfs: Light and Dark.

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Background Information

Handy is one of the most important members of the Smurf Village community, providing most of the necessary architectural needs to keep everything running smoothly. From assisting Architect with designing Smurf houses to building the most advanced new technology (such as the printing press for Reporter Smurf), Handy is the Smurf you want. While he generally focuses on repairing damage or educating his fellow Smurfs on maintaining their homes for damage prevention, he enjoys creating "the next best thing" individually or in collaboration.

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Relationship with Hefty Smurf

Handy's best friend is Hefty, who is often the first Smurf he asks to lend a hand on any of his inventions, whether it be transporting parts, testing it out, or simply having a second opinion.

  • Season 1 -- Pending...
  • Season 2 -- Pending...
  • Season 3 -- Pending...
  • Season 4 -- Pending...
  • Season 5 -- Pending...

Relationship with Smurfette

When Smurfette was introduced to the village, he developed a shy crush on her and attempted to pursue her heart, but when his rose-tinted glasses failed to accomplish this goal, he decided to back off and let their relationship develop however it would. After Smurfette made it clear that she loved every Smurf equally and was too young to marry, his feelings waned down to an Aromantic attraction.

  • Season 1 -- They remain close friends as it stands and enjoys her company as much as any other Smurf's.
  • Season 2 -- Pending...
  • Season 3 -- Pending...
  • Season 4 -- Pending...
  • Season 5 -- Pending...

Relationship with Marina

He first meets Marina when she is stranded near the River Smurf and saves her from dying, for which she is grateful. He invented a mobile water carrier so she and her father could see the village, and in due time, the two fell in love. He tried in vain to invent a way for them to be together, including a smurfmarine, scuba gear, mobile oxygen bubble, etc. All of which failed and risked him drowning until Marina would save him. Sadly, he is too important for the village to survive without him, and with her being the future queen of Atlantica, her people need her as well.

  • Season 2 -- In "Skipping Stones," he learns of her being betrothed to a merman named Drake, which greatly saddens him. Moxette and Smurfette sympathize with him, and so he realizes that she will be happy with someone who is not bound by separate worlds.
  • Season 3 -- Pending...
  • Season 4 -- Pending...

Relationship with Moxette Smurfette

He first meets Moxette in "Peewit's Smurfy Creation."

  • Season 1 -- After being turned into a real Smurf by the True Blue Spell, he is one of several Smurfs who is attracted to her in a platonic fashion. He finds her fascinating and enjoys her impersonations of every Smurf. Her intelligence, as he claims, is "two smurfs above Brainy's," and they get along fairly well. His fellow Smurfs' constant demands for his repairmen skills may get in the way of quality time between them, though.
  • Season 2 -- Pending...
  • Season 3 -- Pending...
  • Season 4 -- Pending...
  • Season 5 -- Pending...


Handy is easily identified by wearing white overalls with deep, hidden front pockets and a Smurf hat with an attached visor. He tends to keep a pencil over one ear, and may be found carrying one or more tools throughout the village.

  • Human -- His skin is pale, eyes are grey-blue, several freckles adorn his cheeks, and he stands about 5'5" (American measurement) with a leanly muscular build. His hair is mahogany red-brown, slightly curly (if not just messy) with eyebrow-length bangs that are shifted to the sides by his hat, and the back is cut short.

Voice Actor(s)

His original voice actor, speaking in a Wisconsin accent, is Michael Bell, who also voiced Sir Johan and Allstar from The Snorks. A latter may be Rob Paulson speaking in the same accent; he is known for voicing Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron, PJ from Disney's A Goofy Movie, and many more.


  • In the comic books, his overalls were dark blue, but changed to white for the cartoon show. In "The Smurfs and the Magic Flute," however, he was only seen holding a wrench as means of differentiation.
  • He is right-handed, but has taught himself to use his other hand for small tasks in times when his right hand is injured. It happens more frequently than some may think.
  • His Zodiac sign is Pisces and his birthday is March 28th.