OccupationLeader of the Schliphargon Talektharkon
Known RelationsCullivargh (captain)
First Appearance"Where No Smurf Has Gone Before"

Empath Icon

"You soft-bellied blue creatures are nothing but p'targaphne to me."

Heftargan is the second-in-command to Cullivargh, the leader of the Schliphargons, whom the Smurfs had met in the fanfiction story, "Where No Smurf Has Gone Before". Unlike his leader, Heftargan prefers to lead the Schliphargons through brute force and is not afraid to kill anyone in order to prove his worth and honor. He particularly despises Empath and refers to him as p'targaphne due to his refusal to kill any opponent that he would best in combat.

Heftargan and the Talektharkon survived the destruction of their mothership and transported to the surface in order to get revenge on Empath. During The Lost Year, he and the surviving crew chased after Empath and his friend Polaris Psyche when they were seeking a way to bring the time-lost Smurfs back home, not knowing that they were carrying the crystals from the Key Of Chronos that Papa Smurf had lost. He eventually fought Empath when a copy of the key was found and had nearly beaten him to death when the crystals were inserted into the key and the portal opened, taking the Schliphargons out of the present time period while bringing the other Smurfs back into it. Heftargan attempted to take Empath with him, but Polaris stopped him by throwing a Schliphargon war dagger at Heftargan, causing him to let go.