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Hefty Profile 1.png
Hefty Smurf
Also Known As "Strongman" (UK English Dub)
Gender Male
Race Smurf
Nationality Smurf Village
Occupation Unknown
Alignment Good
Marital Status Single
Known Relations The Smurfs (Family)
Residence Smurf Village
Voice Actor Frank Welker (Original)
First Appearance Original: "The Smurfs and the Magic Flute" Film (1975)

Fanon: "Smurfs in the City" Season 1

Universe LD Stories

Hefty Smurf is a character from the original comics and cartoon show. His Wiki page is located here. He also exists in The Smurfs: Light and Dark.

To see a full list of episodes in which he appears, please CLICK HERE.

Background Information

Straight from the Wiki: He spends his mornings exercising, and his house is full of work-out equipment. H is also the most athletic of the Smurfs, able to climb up tall trees and bring down whatever is up there without much effort. Therefore, he is considered the strongest and bravest Smurf, willing to help wherever he can, and is usually one of the first to volunteer for dangerous journeys.

Relationship with Handy Smurf

Handy is his best friend. They work well together in nearly every situation they find themselves in, but they still disagree from time to time. When they were both seeking Smurfette's love or entering the Smurfic Games, they show serious competition by fighting brains versus brawn. Despite this, they have each other's backs when situations become life-threatening, making their friendship much healthier than that of Brainy and Clumsy's.

Relationship with Smurfette

Like most every Smurf, he developed a strong crush on Smurfette after she was transformed into a real Smurf by the True Blue Spell. He is the absolute first one to fall for her, even while she was still a raven-haired harlot working for Gargamel, because he admired her boldness when trying to seduce the Smurfs (and failing).

  • Season 1 -- Despite her rejecting his occasional marriage proposals, he continues to vie for her attention and hopes to one day win her heart over the others.
  • Season 2 -- Pending...
  • Season 3 -- Pending...
  • Season 4 -- Pending...
  • Season 5 -- Pending...

Relationship with Moxette Smurfette

He first meets Moxette in "Peewit's Smurfy Creation."

  • Season 1 -- He considers Moxette to be an interesting addition to the village. He admires her bold, spunky, and sometimes adorably feminine behavior, but by far, his favorite thing about her is her dead-on impersonations of Brainy. He always gets a good laugh when she sports her pair of glasses and starts mock-lecturing her fellow Smurfs.
  • Season 2 -- Pending...
  • Season 3 -- Pending...
  • Season 4 -- Pending...
  • Season 5 -- Pending...

Relationship with Brainy Smurf

Brainy and Hefty often clash, but their relationship undergoes great change throughout the series.

  • Season 1 -- He will admit that sometimes Brainy does have some good advice to offer, albeit quite rare. If Brainy is in danger, Hefty will not hesitate to come to his rescue (even if Brainy insists that he did not need Hefty's help).
  • Season 2 -- Pending...
  • Season 3 -- Pending...
  • Season 4 -- Pending...
  • Season 5 -- Pending...


Hefty is easily identified by his physically fit build and the arrow-pierced heart tattoo on his forearms. He wears the generic white Smurf hat and matching trousers.

Human -- As a human, he has tanned Caucasian skin, standard black eyes, a more muscular build than the other villagers, and stands at 5'6" (American measurement). He has a more chiseled jawline, thick and wispy black hair that is mostly cut short, and his dark eyebrows are noticeably thicker than most others around him.

Voice Actor(s)

Frank Welker was his original voice actor in the cartoon show, and so he continues to be the desired role.


  • Hefty has dressed up as Smurfette in order to save her from being kidnapped by a near-blind troll seeking to marry her in "Smurfette For a Day." From this experience, he realized how graceful and powerful Smurfette is for her ability to walk in heels, which he openly admitted was the worst part of his disguise. He makes no comments on her footwear afterwards.
  • Originally, Peyo did not want the Smurfs to be distinguishable for the cartoon show. When Hefty was designed with a leopard skin leotard (resembling circus performers), he had it changed to a simple heart tattoo.
  • In both the comics and cartoon show, he is the first Smurf to find and talk to Smurfette. He is also one of few Smurfs she most frequently hugs and kisses in all known media, which leads many fans to speculate if they might have a potential romance somewhere in the future.
  • From "Sir Hefty," Papa Smurf dubbed him a Royal Knight of the Smurf Table, which makes him the only qualified knight in the village thus far.
  • He stated that his favorite food is Smurfberry casserole in the Season 8 episode, "Denisa's Greedy Doll."
  • His Zodiac sign is Virgo and his birthday is on September 8th.