Hypertine is a sugar substitute that comes from hyperstevia plants in the Smurf Forest in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. It acts as a combination of natural sugar and caffeine, which when used in stimulating beverages like coffees and teas can give whoever drinks it an accelerated boost in energy. Because of this, hypertine is used sparingly by the adult Smurfs during breakfast with only one cube used for a single cup of coffee or tea. Zipper's natural speed level after drinking a beverage with hypertine is accelerated to the point where he sees everything else move in slow motion -- what is called "caffeine bullet time", such as in one portion from the animated movie Over The Hedge.

According to Narrator Smurf, hypertine may be one of the ingredients that was used by Gargamel for the creation of his Daredevil Dust in the cartoon show episode "Reckless Smurfs".

The Smurflings tried inhaling hypertine through their noses, but while it gave them increased energy, it also made their noses bleed before they just passed out.

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