AlignmentSultry, but Good
Known RelationsEmpath Smurf (customer, intended love interest)
Voice ActorVictoria Kruger (Desired)

Lilliput is a character who is slated to appear in the Smurfs fanfiction story, "Smurfed Behind: The Departure". She is a Woodnymph who runs a brothel near one that is already established for humans in a human village. She has a sort of motherly personality to the girls that she lets anyone have any sort of intimate relations with, refusing to let her customers get rough with them.

She finds herself attracted to Empath when he admits his age; she thinks he is an older gentleman, but in Smurf years being 155 years old only makes Empath a young adult. During his stay at the brothel, he mostly danced with Lilliput and talked with her while trying to avoid her advances, but did hardly anything else besides dealing with a Schliphargon that got drunk and violent.

Possible Voice Actor

Lilliput would probably be voiced by Victoria Kruger, who is the voice actress of Isabela the pirate in the Dragon Age II videogame.