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Moxette Smurfette
Also Known As "Moxie" (General)
Gender Female
Race Smurf
Nationality European/French
Occupation Impersonator/Comedian
Alignment Mischievous, but Good
Marital Status Single (Current)
Known Relations The Smurfs (Adopted Family)
Peewit (Creator/Father)
Sir Johan (Uncle Figure)
Voice Actor Numbuh 404 (Desired)
First Appearance "Peewit's Smurfy Creation" Season 1
Universe LD Stories
Name Translation of Moxette Smurfette
French La Schtroumpfette Moqueur
Spanish La Pitufina Burla
German Die Spöttische Schlumpfine
Italian La Puffetta Beffardo
Dutch De Spotter Smurfin

Moxette Smurfette (AKA "Moxie") is an original character within The Light and Dark Series.

Background Information

She is a gal with "a lot of moxie," which is a term first used by Johan. She was created by Peewit after he learned female Smurfs could only be created through the Smurfette formula. He changes or omits several ingredients while creating the formula, such as substituting "the hardest stone for her heart" with purple pandyroot for it being as hard as a rock, which resulted in her having purple hair when the True Blue Spell is performed on her.

Her first appearance is in the Season 1 episode, "Peewit's Smurfy Creation." Shortly thereafter, she gains her very own home.

Role in the Village

She is named based on her talent: mockery, or method acting. She is capable of taking on the persona of any other Smurf in the village, often elaborating upon them, and she uses different facial expressions, postures, or props to sell her acts. She will impersonate their voices as best she can, too. As time goes on, Moxette broadens her skills (such as cooking, sewing, home repair, writing, playing an instrument, and gardening) to both further her mockery talent and become a more valuable Smurf should Smurfs like Greedy, Handy, Smurfette, or Poet be unavailable with their usual tasks.

Relationship with Peewit

She and her creator have a "father-daughter" bond, although her biological starting age is beyond his (being 15 vs. 11, in human years). Since the day she was brought into existence, Peewit has doted over her and makes her feel like she is the most amazing individual ever to exist. His genuine love and fascination over her is apparent through each visit to the Smurf Village, and she looks up to him with the same enthusiastic nature he tends to possess. He is one of the most important persons in her life and she makes it known to her fellow Smurfs at every opportunity.

Relationship with Smurfette

Smurfette meets Moxette in "Peewit's Smurfy Creation."

Season 1

She first brings up her disapproval after Moxette attempts to mock her for her feminine attitude towards fashion and flowers. Moxette backs down and promises that she will be more conservative with Smurfette's feelings, so their friendship soon blossoms. Smurfette also did not appreciate being called "Blondie" at first, but she grows fond of the nickname and only allows Moxette to use it. Likewise, Smurfette coined the "Moxie" nickname, which becomes a popular term amongst the other Smurfs.

Season 2


Relationship with Brainy Smurf

Brainy meets Moxette in "Peewit's Smurfy Creation."

Season 1

Moxette and Brainy have a never-ending struggle that usually results in one or both of them getting into trouble with Papa Smurf. She enjoys whipping out a pair of glasses and impersonating his voice and mannerisms whenever he starts lecturing their fellow Smurfs. The more Moxette pushes Brainy, the more Brainy pushes back, so the cycle continues. She occasionally calls him "Four Eyes" or "Book Worm" while he is lecturing, but she will stand in Brainy's defense when other Smurfs suggest that they would all be better off without him.

Season 2


Relationship with Mystico

Moxette learns about Mystico in "Mystico Returns," but she does not officially meet him until The Goblin's Admiration.

Season 1

She fears the idea of the goblin up until he seeks the Smurfs' help regarding Vira, a female goblin he wishes to court. Through the time Moxette spends with him (often with Brainy tagging along), she and Mystico bond over feeling like outcasts. After Vira breaks his heart, Moxette helps her fellow Smurfs retrieve a goblin from the past named Hethera in "Hethera the Goblin." When the goblins' relationship blossoms, it also strengthens his and Moxette's friendship.

Season 2


Romantic Relationships

After getting to know every Smurf and learning to live in the village, she develops stronger feelings for a handful of characters throughout the series.

First Love

Johan ends up being shrunk to Smurf size in "Peewit's Unsmurfy Mistake," but she admits that she had been crushing on him to other Smurfs since before being introduced to the village. Unfortunately, he does not return the feeling, which leaves her wondering what she could do to put the idea into his head. Understanding that he does not have any interest in remaining a Smurf, she boldly decides to try becoming a human.

Although she had anticipated sweeping Johan off his feet and confessing her love, Dame Barbara removed her from his company for a good while to have her dressed as a "proper lady," at which point the sun began to set. By the time she was able to have a moment alone with the knight and steal a kiss, the Smurfs arrive just as the sunset turns her back into her Smurfy self. Then, Papa Smurf scolds her and sees her back to the Village where she can be punished for her disobedience. Despite this, she still feels quite strongly for Johan until the Season Finale.

Second Love

To be revealed later in the story!

Season 1 Episodes

Moxette becomes a strong secondary character in Season 1.

  • Peewit's Smurfy Creation (Ep. 6) -- Her debut episode, which features her backstory and introduction to the Smurf Village by Johan and Peewit.
  • Peewit's Unsmurfy Mistake (Ep. 7) -- She is a supporting character who expresses her attraction to Johan when he is accidentally shrunken to Smurf size by Peewit.
  • Mystico Returns (Ep. 8) -- She and Clumsy end up accidentally releasing Mystico from the Magic Fountain and must defeat him before every Smurf is turned into Goblins. In this, she is the main female role.
  • Moxette's Survival Test (Ep. 9) -- She is the main character who is seen taking her survival test, but her true test initiates when she meets Gargamel for the first time.
  • Luck of the Smurf (Ep. 10) -- She is one of the main characters who is in line for her first batch of Smurfberry candy when she meets Lucky Smurf.
  • The Goblin's Admiration (Ep. 11) -- She is a secondary character who is most involved with Mystico when he comes to the Smurfs for help courting a female goblin. They become friends by the end of this episode.
  • Hethera the Goblin (Ep. 12) -- She and several other Smurfs venture into the past to find a new companion for Mystico, which results in them finding Hethera.
  • Beyond the Mirror's Reflection (Ep. 13) -- She is tertiary character with only a few speaking lines when the Smurfs discover an enchanted mirror.
  • The Gnome Princess (Ep. 14) -- She makes a cameo and meets Prince Pyro when he briefly visits the village.
  • From Stage Fright to Stardom (Ep. 15) -- She is one of the main characters who meets Actor after discovering that she has stage fright. He helps her overcome it so that she can be the star of Poet's Spring Day Pageant play.
  • Moxette's Crazy, Stupid Love (Ep. 16) -- She is one of the main characters who admits to Clumsy that she has a crush on Johan. She turns herself human with one of Papa Smurf's spells to pursue him only to be caught and scolded by Papa Smurf after the spell wears off.
  • Kiddie Crushes (Ep. 17) -- When Peewit asks to see her during his visit to the village, she is mentioned to be currently helping Miner in the mining caves as punishment for the previous episode's events.

Season 2 Episodes

Moxette becomes closer to a main character during Season 2.

Season 3 Episodes

Moxette is set to be a main character during Season 3.

  • Attack of the Love-Struck Smurfs (Ep. 3) -- She is a tertiary character who is seen being turned into a pink love-crazed Smurf by Jokey, and then she is one of the many Smurfs chasing Brainy to turn him as well.
  • Mother Nature's (Re)Creation (Ep. 5) -- Pending...
  • Mind Over Smurf (Ep. 7) -- She is one of the main characters who volunteers to enter Brainy's mind after he casts a spell over himself that sends him into a deep sleep from which he cannot awaken.
  • Top Prankster: Brains Versus Moxie (Ep. 9) -- She is a main character who celebrates her first April Smurf's Day by engaging in a prank war with Brainy.
  • The Unsmurfiest Prank Ever Pulled (Ep. 10) -- Pending...
  • Denisa's Birthday Wish (Ep. 12) -- Pending...
  • Backstage Smurfs (Ep. 14) -- She is cast as one of the lead roles in Poet's play inspired by Handy and Marina's tragic romance, but when Handy drops out, she talks privately with him about his reasons. She helps him cheer up enough to continue supporting the play without being in it.
  • Short-Lived Stage Life (Ep. 15) -- She is seen performing in Poet's play as mentioned in the previous episode with Camouflage replacing Handy as her co-star.
  • Return of the Weresmurf (Ep. 16) -- She is a lesser main character than Smurfette in their "girls-only" Imaginarium setting, in which they have an adventure based on Brainy being a Weresmurf.
  • Brainy's Essential Discovery (Ep. 17) -- She is Brainy's inspiration to create his own Smurfette in the Imaginarium after breaking into his studio (again), but she only appears in the beginning and end of this episode.
  • A Gift for a Knight (Ep. 19) -- Pending...
  • Take Back the Knight (Season Finale) -- Pending...

Season 4 Episodes

Moxette is set to remain a main character during Season 4.


Moxette wears the usual Smurf cap, high heel shoes, and a single-shoulder white dress with a gold clasp. She has near-violet hair with side-swept bangs and the back pulled into a low ponytail. Her eyelashes are less prominent than Smurfette.

Human -- As a human, she stands about 5'6" in American measurement and has pale skin, separated eyes, modest lips, and a slender figure. Her hair remains purple during "Moxette's Crazy, Stupid Love."

Voice Actor(s)

She would be voiced solely by Numbuh 404 for all English renditions (speaking, impersonating, singing, etc.).


  • Her personality is based off of her creators: Numbuh 404 (in reality) and Peewit (in the Fanon series). Initially, she was created to be Brainy's biggest pain in the neck because Numbuh 404 could not stand him, but as the LD storyline has progressively developed, he has become one of her favorite Smurfs. Moxette's growth and relationships reflect this change.
  • She is discovered to be left-handed by Brainy.
  • Her birthday is January 30th, meaning her zodiac sign is Aquarius and her birthstone is Amethyst, which fits with her natural hair color. She is considered air-aligned.
  • Her human form is similar to Falla's and was loosely modelled off of Numbuh 404's real-life former high school friend, Juliet King.
  • After learning about Smurfette keeping a diary, she obtained a lavender one for herself.
  • After some coaxing to try tea during one of Smurfette's tea parties, she has acquired a love of Smurfberry tea.
  • After trying her first Gingerbread cookie, she and Greedy develop "ginger snaps," inspired by Brainy. Like him, she likes her cookies on the spicier side.
  • In a non-canonical playwright, she is the character import for a human named Karissa Hendry with inspiration from the song "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)" by Pet Shop Boys.
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