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Nikolai Smurfeski
Also Known As Nikolai Smurfeski (birth name)
Nikki (nickname)
Gender Male
Race Smurf
Nationality Russian
Occupation Brewer, Bartender
Alignment Good
Marital Status Single; later married
Known Relations Papa Smurf (adopted father)
Mother Smurfette (adopted mother)
97 male Smurfs (adopted brothers)
97 Smurfettes (adopted sisters)
Svetlana (future wife)
Vexy (future sister)
Hackus (future brother)
Residence Smurf Village
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore (Desired)
First Appearance "Return on the Exiled Smurf"
Universe Hero: The Guardian Smurf

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"For the honor of the Smurfs."

Nikolai "Nikki" Smurfeski is a Smurf character that appears in the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series.

Background Information

Nikolai is an honest, trustworthy and hardworking Smurf and he has been since he was born. He will help any Smurf in their work regardless of how difficult it may be. Sometimes this will make him look like a pushover but he does know when to say "No".

Whenever he has spare time he likes to help Greedy create different kinds of juices for the Smurfs, ranging from fruit juices for the Smurflings to the finest wines for the older Smurfs, but sometimes when he drinks too much he tends to be quite grouchy.

He also does not like walnuts, because he says they do not taste good.


He is a kind-hearted and caring Smurf, but whenever he drinks too much he can be like Grouchy, always saying "I hate" in conversations, but deep down in his heart he wishes he could not drink as much, as he believes his drinking will cause the other Smurfs to hate him. He also has a deep disrespect towards Takeo.

His personality is completely changed whenever he plays the Survival game setting in the Imaginarium, he becomes more crazy and regularly curses, he also has a deep addiction to vodka, but this goes away when he leaves the setting.

Role in the Village

Although he helps his fellow Smurfs in their work, he and along with his wife Svetlana are mostly seen operating their bar, in which they serve many drinks to their fellow Smurfs and Smurfettes


He wears a dark green Smurf hat with two flaps covering his ears resembling a Ushanka, brown Smurf pants with a pocket of the right side, a green shirt and black shoes.

Survival Attire

Whenever he plays the Survival game setting in the Imaginarium, besides his regular attire; he can also choose to wear medieval armor consisting of a red and white robe over a set of chain mail with a belt strapped around his waist.

Voice Actor(s)

The desired voice actor would be Fred Tatasciore, as he voiced the character Nikolai Belinski in the Zombie mode of the Call of Duty video game series. He speaks in a Russian accent.


  • His personalized symbol was created by A Heroic Smurf.

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