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The man behind the legend, as depicted in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series
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His signature
Also Known AsPierre Culliford (real name)
Pierrot (supposed nickname)
Known RelationsNine Culliford (wife, deceased)
Thierry Culliford (currently using the pen name Peyo, son)
Veronique Culliford (daughter)
First Appearance"Days Of Future Smurfed" (mentioned only as Pierrot)
UniverseEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf
See the article Peyo at Smurfs Wiki for the biography of the real-life version of the character. For the Smurf character who also goes by the name of Peyo, see Scribbler Smurf (Empath stories).

Peyo (real name Pierre Culliford; born June 25, 1928, died December 24, 1992) was a Belgian cartoonist who was the creator of The Smurfs comic book characters that became part of popular culture during the late 20th century, eventually spawning a cartoon show and an animated movie. After his death, his family studio carried on with producing more Smurf-related merchandise, and in 2011 a live-action/CGI-animated movie featuring the characters was released to theaters. His surviving widow Nine had died in 2016.

In the universe of the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story series, it is believed that he somehow learned the legend of the Smurfs from local folklore and eventually adapted the folklore into his own personal stories, with his first story featuring them being The Smurfs And The Magic Flute which was part of the Johan And Peewit series of comic book stories. Unknown to Peyo in this universe, however, only Gerry Royeaux had actual evidence that the Smurfs exist in the form of Handy's creation Clockwork Smurf, which had been passed down to him from his ancestor King Gerard. Some of the stories that were written by Hanna-Barbera about King Gerard strangely resonated with the teenager as being similar to what his grandparents had told him about his ancestor, making him wonder if Peyo or Hanna-Barbera was privy to a secret about the Smurfs that they only knew about.

The in-universe character Narrator Smurf knows about the existence of Peyo. Also, in one of the timelines that Traveler Smurf had visited, Peyo actually lived to see the 2011 Smurfs movie being released while his son Thierry took over as the main writer and cartoonist of the comic book series. What became of Peyo beyond that point in that timeline is unknown.

Traveler and Pierrot

In the story "Days Of Future Smurfed", Traveler Smurf spoke of his encounter with a young boy named Pierrot who was suggested to be Peyo in his adult years. It was to this young boy that the Artifact Of Memories was given, and supposedly was made use of when the boy became a cartoonist.