Pink Preliminary
Known RelationsHuman couple (former owners)
The Smurfs (current owners)
ResidenceHuman village outside Smurf Forest, now Smurf Village
Voice ActorFrank Welker (desired)
UniverseHero: The Guardian Smurf

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"Just because she looks like Azrael, Doesn't mean she'll smurf like him."

- Nat, when he and his group of Smurfs bring her to the village.

Pink is a character that appears in the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series.

Background Information

She is a cat that was abandoned in the forest by her human owners, she wandered in the forest for many days before she was found by the Smurfs who found her heavily malnourished. They took her back to the village and cared for her until she fully regained her health. Upon arrival in the village, most of the Smurfs confused her with Azrael and demanded they take her back to where they found her, it wasn't until Nat showed them that the cat was female. Pink is friendly towards all.

Upon her first encounter with Gargamel, Azrael found himself attracted to her and tried to get near her, but Gargamel refused him to go anywhere near her.


She is friendly towards all the Smurfs in the village, she will protect the Smurfs as if her life depended on it.


Pink has light brown fur with white stripes, white paws, white eyes with black pupils.

Voice Actor(s)

Her desired voice actor would be Frank Welker, due to his many roles as animal characters.


  • The character is based on the pet of the same name and appearance from one of the neighbors that the author of the series knows in real-life. It was later known that on the evening of October 9th 2016, that the real life animal was tragically killed after being struck by a vehicle.
  • She is based on an orange tabby cat, similar to the one that played Azrael in the 2011 Smurfs movie and its 2013 sequel.