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Piximp Male Profile - Smurfs.jpg
A generic male.

Piximp Female Profile - Smurfs.jpg
A generic female.

Race Combination of Pixie and Imp
Occupation Slave Workers
Alignment Neutral
Known Relations Lord Balthazar, Chlorhydris, and the Smurfs
Voice Actor Female: Susan Blu

Male: Dave Wittenberg (Desired)

First Appearance "Balthazar's Quest" of Season 10

Piximp is the reincarnation of a sinners' soul.

Basic Information

Appearing in Season 10, when a pixie who has led a worthless life (ex: a criminal or murderer) dies, the soul is sewn into the body of a Piximp. After being reborn, the newly created Piximp will serve as a soldier, slave, or servant for any race, until it has earned reincarnation, and leave its servitude in a ritual involving the Blue Moon. A common trait of the Piximps are their upbeat attitudes, their signature pirouette spins, and the frequent use of the word, "Chaw". Piximps can also explode when they suffer a rough-impact landing (ex: being thrown).

Good Ones

With Races who has a good natural heart, Piximps mostly act as maids and domestic servants. The good deeds they do with them lead to their reincarnation. while with races who are evil, they can have horrible after-lives doing excessively hard labor for very little pay, often thrown around just for fun. The money they earn from races who has need for money goes towards their reincarnation. Some Piximps live in a place called "Piximp Land." It is their own world in which Piximps do not explode when thrown. Some Piximps flee there to escape their lives from evil races, and some may have rebelled or have been banished there.

Weapons & Defense

They use black wands as their primary weapon and occasionally bombs in team attacks.  when they leave their servitude, they search for Father Time, waiting to be reincarnated in a ritual involving the Blue Moon.


They appear to be belly-pouched pixies about same size as a Smurf with a ripped right pixie wing, peg legs for feet, and a black arrow-tipped tail. Females have long green hair and orange clothes while males have short red hair and yellow clothes with a gold pouch.



"Best of" Disgaea 2 Soundtrack - Prinny my love

Piximp my love

This video clip is the desired theme music to represent the Piximps; curtesy of Youtube.


  • One of the Piximps who worked for Lord Balthazar rebelled against him and now works with the Smurfs; he is knowned simply as "The Piximp".
  • The term "Piximp" is based on the Prinny from Disgaea.