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Ripple Profile 2.jpg
Also Known As "Ripple the Remarkable"
Gender Male
Race Woodsprite
Nationality European
Occupation Freelance Prankster
Alignment Chaotic Good
Marital Status Dating Karma (Current)
Known Relations None Known
Residence Woodsprite Hollow
Voice Actor Jerry Houser (Original)
Thomas Herman Adcox or Matthew Lillard (Desired)
First Appearance Official: "The Smurflings' Unsmurfy Friend" Season 7

Fanon: "Tripped Up" Season 1

Universe LD Stories

Ripple is a character from the original cartoon show. His Wiki page is located here. He also exists in The Smurfs: Light and Dark.

To see a full list of episodes in which he appears, please CLICK HERE.

Background Information

Ripple is an energetic Woodsprite and a master prankster. In his youth, his pranks were simple, but became steadily more complex -- not to mention dangerous -- as time passed. After befriending the Smurfs more honestly, he has become more aware of other people's thoughts and feelings when attempting to prank them.

Relationship with Fellow Sprites

  • Karma -- She and Ripple first meet in "Tripped Up" and enter a romantic relationship afterwards, which steadily develops throughout the series. More to come later!
  • Drefuse Sylke -- Pending...
  • Whisper -- Pending...
  • Blizzardina -- Pending...

Relationship with Goblins

  • Mystico -- He and Mystico were once childhood best friends only to be separate for many years after Mystico was imprisoned in a magic fountain, leading Ripple to believe that the goblin had vanished. Following the events of The Goblin's Admiration, the two are reunited and quickly rekindle their relationship. Despite all the ups and downs they endure, they remain best friends throughout the series.
  • Hethera -- Had it not been for meeting Karma, Ripple would most likely have disapproved of Mystico's relationship with Hethera. They get along fairly well -- much better than Mystico and Karma do -- and enjoy exchanging jokes. Much to his delight, the female Goblin is witty and has a great sense of humor, which is similar (if not identical) to his and Mystico's.

Relationship with the Smurfs

When first introduced to the Smurfs by the Smurflings, he was offended by Papa Smurf warning them of his dangerous and unruly nature, which he had not perceived himself to be. He stated that "Woodsprites just liked to have fun," but the Smurfs remained wary of him. It was not until a prank on Gargamel resulted in the Smurflings' capture that he realized his pranks were dangerous. At which point, he willed himself to ask for help in their rescue, and the Smurflings discovered that he was not as wild and unruly as Papa Smurf had stated. Truthfully, he wanted friends, but had so rarely made any that were not irked by his lifestyle.


Ripple has knee-length chestnut brown hair with two thin antennae poking through his bangs above his forehead, and Caucasian skin. He is also taller than the Smurfs and has standard black eyes.

  • Season 1 -- Ripple wears a purple hat that matches his cape and shoes, a lavender long-sleeve shirt under a semi-turtleneck lime green tunic, lavender leggings, and has a small rope-like tie around his waist.
  • Season 3 -- Pending...

Voice Actor(s)

He was orginally voiced by Jerry Houser, who was also the voice of Meako in the Scoody Doo film, Scooby Doo Meets the Boo Brothers (1987). The primary modern candidate would be Thomas Herman Adcox, who was the voice of Sparkplug, a male fairy in the Scooby Doo and the Goblin King movie. An alternate option would be Matthew Lillard, who is currently Shaggy Rogers in the Scooby Doo series.


  • In some European beliefs, Goblins and Woodsprites are considered enemies, but in others, they are considered "quarrelsome yet relative species."
  • He still believes in the saying, "Bros before hos," although this is modified to be, "Brothers before lovers" as a more family-friendly alternative.
  • His signature song is Karma Chameleon by the 1980s band, Culture Club.
  • In "Beyond the Mirror's Reflection" it is revealed that Tebuli the genie is his most recent past life.