Two members of the Schliphargon race: Heftargan and Cullivargh
Race TypeHumanoid
ResidenceOuter space
First Appearance"Where No Smurf Has Gone Before"

The Schliphargons were an alien race that the Smurfs had encountered in the Smurfs fanfiction story, "Where No Smurf Has Gone Before".

Background Information

The Schliphargons claim to have an empire that spans a hundred solar systems, where they capture and enslave other alien beings to serve them either as warriors or as workers until they are physically expended and then eliminated. However, as Flyro, a sentient computer on board a ship that has escaped the Schliphargons has pointed out, the Schliphargons are really nomads who have been living among the stars since their empire had collapsed ages ago and have simply resorted to galactic thievery in order to rebuild their empire.

The current leader of the Schliphargons is Captain Cullivargh, with Heftargan reporting as his second-in-command and leader of the Talektharkon. The Schliphargons look upon beings such as Smurfs as "soft-bellied", meaning either that they lack the fortitude to kill or that they are too easy a prey to kill (or both), and beings that they particularly despise (Heftargan despising Empath in particular) are referred to as p'targaphne, which is an epithet that refers to the dung that the basest creatures on their home world excrete.

Schliphargons tend to be very aggressive when it comes to finding a mate, as they will only be attracted to somebody who is just as skilled as they are in combat, and they treat their prospective mates as if they are nothing more than prey. Empath and Polaris discovered this fact during their journey around the world in the time of The Lost Year when a group of Schliphargon females pursued them in the hope of Empath being made the leader's mate. Polaris chose to intervene in this matter to save Empath the embarrassment of having lost his virtue to a Schliphargon female, choosing to be the mate of the female to satisfy her desires.


They roughly resemble Smurfs except that their skin tone is mustard yellow and that they have head hair that crowns their high ridged foreheads. Most of the adult male Schliphargons wear beards and moustaches. They wear a form of protective warrior's armor which includes spiked horned shoes and colored tunics.

Some of them carry triple-bladed spears which they use as combat weapons, particularly those who are part of the Talektharkon class of warriors.

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