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Sexual orientation is a categorization of different sexual attractions. There are many known sexual orientations, but the three that are most commonly associated with sexual orientation are: heterosexual (attraction to the opposite gender), homosexual (attraction to the same gender; also a general term for non heterosexuality), and bisexual (the attraction to two or more genders). Two other well-known sexualities are asexuality (a lack of sexual attraction) and pansexuality (attraction either categorized as (a) an attraction to non-physical attributes or without gender taken into consideration or (b) an attraction to two or more genders). Sexual orientation is commonly acknowledged as one kind of orientation; other orientations include romantic, platonic, and aesthetic. One or more of these types of orientation listed in combination with sexual orientation; this is known as the split attraction model.

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Please Note

The topic is at best and at present controversial, with valid viewpoints from both those who support the idea of a sexual orientation and those who are against it. Its usage in Smurfs fanfiction on this wiki is left solely within the discretion of the authors of the various series.

Mainstream Smurfs Media

In mainstream Smurfs media, the Smurfs and most of the characters they interact with are heterosexual in their behaviors. However, the character of Vanity Smurf is often suspect of being homosexual due to his effeminate behaviors despite showing more interest in himself than in anyone else as a romantic partner. Also, the relationships of certain male Smurf characters such as Brainy and Clumsy have led to fan speculations as to their actual nature. Overall, though, it is a topic that is (or at least was) generally avoided in the comic books and the cartoon show since the stories and its characters were mostly written for children with the mores that were proper in the 1980s. In the end credits of Smurfs: The Lost Village, however, Vanity Smurf's reflection comes to life and gives him a kiss on the lips.

Empath: The Luckiest Smurf stories

Hefty And Tuffy In Lust.jpg
Hefty and Tuffy temporarily affected by a lust arrow
Empath Stories

In Smurf culture

The Smurf characters in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series are generally heterosexual, although there are some male Smurfs who struggle with sexual identity such as Empath, who himself was raised mostly among the asexual community of the Psyches and telepathically bonded to Polaris Psyche in a same-sex relationship. Empath's behaviors are for the most part heterosexual, though he considers his relationship with Polaris Psyche to be "intimate" due to their interactions in dream sharing. Tapper, who is a Christian believer, thinks that God created all creatures to be heterosexual and that any other form of sexual behavior is against His intended purpose for creation and humanity. The general opinion of the Smurfs as well as that of Mother Nature are also along the same lines of thought, with Hefty probably being the most militant as he considers his masculinity to be his most valuable personal asset.

As far as Smurf characters with alternate viewpoints of sexuality, Vanity, being the narcissist that he is, admits that there were times that he made love with himself through his mirror before the Imaginarium came along. Century also admits the same thing, but neither of them say that they are attracted to each other. Greedy claims to have a sexual attraction towards food, although whether he has any actual intimate relations with food in that particular manner or not to verify such a claim has not been revealed. Some Smurfs are willing to concede to the idea that sexual orientation is rather fluid instead of a fixed behavioral pattern, and that Smurfs can go through "phases" of different orientations at different points in their lives.

Despite the cultural belief that heterosexuality is the norm for both Smurf society and for all societies, the Smurfs for the most part will respectfully not engage in any hostility toward those who hold alternate viewpoints, believing that love, wisdom, and mutual understanding will prevail in the end.

The Mirror Universe Smurfs in general do not have a problem with relationships that cross age, marital, family, and gender boundaries, as their society's morality is constantly evil and there are very few Smurfs among them that are strictly heterosexual. Besides their Smurfette's promiscuous and extra-marital behavior, Brainy and Clumsy as well as Tapper and Duncan and the twin brothers Hefty and Handy are known to have dating relationships with each other. This universe's version of Mother Nature simply sees all forms of sexuality as being part of nature and doesn't discriminate among any of the creatures she is in charge of, regardless of what potential harm one creature's sexuality may have upon another creature.

In human culture

The view of sexuality in human cultures in this series varies with the culture. In the medieval European culture depicted in the series, heterosexuality is considered the acceptable norm of society, with homosexuality and bisexuality relegated as deviant behavior, and asexuality more understood as being akin to celibacy. How people will react to such behaviors being present among others depends on whether the people who exhibit alternate sexualities pose a possible threat to other people. Either there will be acceptance and tolerance of such people or there will be outright hostility that may result in possible violence. Some people such as Father Doyle will simply treat people of alternate sexualities as people, even if he will not go against his religion to confer blessings on unions that his God doesn't condone.

In other cultures

The view of sexuality in other cultures in this series varies with the culture. In Psychelian culture, asexuality is the societal norm, as the Psyche Master sees any form of sexual attraction, including heterosexuality, to be the mark of "savage beings". The Groxians, being a group of hermaphrodites with male physical features and female reproductive features, find each other to be attractive but do not form sexual relations with each other since they are all capable of self-reproduction. Cherubs are generally asexual and chaste, leaving reproduction of their kind solely in the hands of a greater power than themselves, but will not tamper with the natural order of other beings' mating processes, despite the fact that the rogue cherub Eros desires that all creatures should have the right to love whomever they please (or so he claims).

Mini-stories in the series dealing with the issue:

Hero: The Guardian Smurf stories

Wonder's Brain Bleach Moment.jpg
Grey Wonder and Smurfette's relationship

Wonder And Smurfette's Forbidden Love.jpg
Wonder and Smurfette in an alternate timeline

Hero Stories

In the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series, Abloec, who is a Christian believer, thinks that God created all creatures to be heterosexual and that any other form of sexual behavior is against His intended purpose for creation and humanity. In the story "The Grey Smurfs", the Grey Smurf versions of Smurfette and Wonder are attracted to both each other and to their husband Hero. In an alternate timeline viewed in the Imaginarium, the normal versions of Wonder and Smurfette ended up in a relationship with each other.

One time Wonder caught Hefty making a tasteless impersonation of Hero, saying that he (Hero) loves himself so much that he created an opposite-sex clone for himself (referring to Wonder). This made Wonder so upset that she beat up Hefty almost within an inch of his life, telling him that if he truly loved himself so much that he should make an opposite-sex clone of himself. Years later, most of the adult Smurfs, including Papa Smurf, would create opposite-sex clones of themselves using the Mirror Of Opposition, but despite this, the characters remain mostly heterosexual.

Aeon of the Champion (AoC Universe)

Unless otherwise stated, assume that heterosexuality is the normal in a given society within this story series. This is because othersexual behaviour is exceedingly - and increasingly - rare.

The Black Empire was one such society, where the mortal citizens of Middle-Earth and their demon overlords engaged in whatever form of sick sexual behaviour they wanted, unpunished. Some demon princes, particularly Asmodee, the Lord of Sin, specifically promoted othersexual relationships, as shown in his bigamous marriage to both Lilu and his supposed wife, Lilitu.

Speaking of Lilitu, the Succubi Princess demonstrated significant control over the sexuality of those around her, using sex appeal and dark magic to twist the thoughts of her victims into perversions. This caused them to feel attraction towards her to the point where they couldn't even resist her seductions and acquiesced. The limits of her power were realised against Anariel, the Archangel of Hope, who resisted Lilitu's attempts to turn her into a lesbian before imprisoning the princess with her own magic.

Lilu also did this, by using his sperm to create lust arrows which pierced the souls of unsuspecting mortals during Valentine's Day, causing them immense sexual confusion.

Malicia, Queen of the Twilight Elves, appears to be autosexual, given that the Crystal Palace (which serves as her temple and sanctum) is littered with magic mirrors, used more for vanity purposes than contact with other magicians. Then again, the Sweethearts Compatibility Service matched her with the human sorceror Maleficus. 

Smurf Me Up!

In the Smurf Me Up series, everyone is mainly heterosexual from humans, to Smurfs alike. Anything beyond that would be against what Mother Nature taught the forest creatures, or what anyone else learned from God, having in mind Aksel and Glovey being the first Christian Smurfs. In the City of Dis story, the inhabitants of Dis practiced sexual behavior that ranged from homosexual boundaries, to having intimate relations with wild beasts and creatures.

FC Universe

In the FC Universe, relationships between Smurfs are not seen with express sexual interest and are more seen with emotions and intimacy, however attractions between Smurfs physically do occur at a normal rate. Because Smurfs primarily present as masculine/male and only a few exceptions exist, attractions still vary widely as they do in the real world because of interactions between Smurfs and non Smurf beings. While Smurfs do not classify themselves with orientation labels they can be classified by 21st century human labels. Due to Smurfs being mainly masculine/male, very few straight Smurfs exist in the way that that straightness is classified by humans. Most Smurfs can be classified as Gay, Bi, Pan, Ace, or Demi/Gray.

For most Smurfs [example: Clingy Smurf] sexual attraction is felt as an emotional attachment is made to some one that they feel is their partner, like in Demi/Gray attractions.

Some Smurfs like Librarian Smurf, are expressly disinterested with sexual attractions, most like Ace attractions, however they do retain forms of aesthetic attractions and Libido for others.

Shinny: The Crystal Smurf stories

In SHINNY: The Crystal Smurf, most of the characters throughout the fanfiction series appear to have different sexual orientations, which are revealed in the later seasons.

In Smurf Culture

Papa Smurf deals with two of his little Smurfs, Tuffy and Weakling, who are engaged in a homosexual relationship that they've been hiding for almost a year, and his particular prejudices against such relationships. When Papa Smurf was about to have them separated for their punishment yet to come, Shinny, along with a few others were able to help Tuffy and Weakling escape the village and take refuge at the Gem Temple until things calm down in the village. After a while, Papa Smurf feels guilty and more like a hypocrite of disowning Tuffy and Weakling once he remembers that he promised deceased wife, Rose Quartz, to love his family regardless of their different sexual identities. After Tuffy and Weakling returned to the village, the Smurfs were managed accept same-sex relationships. Shinny finally confesses to Papa Smurf that he's attracted to both genders, meaning that he's bisexual. He was mainly attracted to both Smurfette and Kyanite. Papa Smurf proudly reveals to him that Rose's sexual orientation was the same as his, much to Shinny's happiness.

Throughout the series, Vanity appears to be autosexual, meaning that he's attracted to himself more than anyone else, and was one of the only Smurfs who was not romantically attracted to Smurfette.

Years after Smurfette's death, a widowed Shinny was engaged in a same-sex marriage to Kyanite, with the support of his fellow Smurfs.

In Gem Culture

On Homeworld, Humanoid Gems were created among the asexual community, therefore, according to the Diamond Authority, Gems are forbidden to make a romantic relationship, especially fusing for love, which could result in the worst punishment such as shattering (execution). Although there were a few gems who would keep their relationship a secret.

The series later revealed that Garnet was a fusion of the same-sex gem couple, Ruby and Sapphire, that escaped from Blue Diamond, who demanded Ruby to be shattered after she accidentally fused with Sapphire out of her warm feelings for her.

Cherry’s Assorted Fruits Universe

In Smurf’s culture

Smurfs in this AU are diverse in sexuality. Smurfs can have any sexuality they feel fits them. Not only are smurfs diverse, but it is accepted and has become a normal part of smurf culture. No one is judged for who they find attraction to, and same sex weddings and relationships are treated the same way as heterosexual relationships would be. The main and secondary cast for this AU are all part of the LGBT+ community. Although I cannot list every character’s sexuality, the main and secondary cast’s sexualities are as follows;

-Vanity Smurf, Harmony Smurf, Greedy Smurf, Macho Smurf, and Papa Smurf are Gay

-Clumsy Smurf and Sweetheart Smurf are both Pansexual

-Brainy Smurf is Toric/Asexual, while Melody Smurf is simply Toric

-Don Smurfo is Bisexual

-Smurfette and Smurfwillow are Lesbian

-Soleil and SmurfBlood are both Aromantic/Asexual

In human culture

In this AU, humans are as diverse as smurfs are. However, because of the, now out of date, social norms during this time period, homosexual relationships in humans is frowned upon. Although this does not stop people from having homosexual relationships. All human characters listed in the original page for this AU are also part of the LGBT+ community. Human and human-like characters sexualities are as follows;

-Gargamel, Johan, and Peewit are Gay

-Witch Hildegard and Princess Sabina are Lesbian

-Hogatha is Bisexual

-Scruple is Toric

The Fearless Smurfs

In The Fearless Smurfs, mostly everyone in the story is heterosexual, but there are some Smurfs who are actually demisexual or greysexual.

While her romantic attraction stays the same, Persephone Collins's sexual attraction fluctuates from demisexual to asexual. While it is confirmed she doesn't experience sexual attraction until she forms an emotional bond with someone, her sexual attraction is very little to none, and she does get embarrassed about sexual thoughts. As a Christian, she was taught that asexuality is praised in dating relationships, but not in a marriage, so she has prepared herself to be greysexual for that specific time. But, any other sexual thought sickens her.

While they may appear straight, other characters, like Bash, Phillip, and Seleste don't usually act upon their sexual attraction and act as if they are more demisexual or greysexual than straight-on heterosexual.

  • Bash is considered a gentlemen, and while he is smitten with girls, he wants to be respectful and not look at any girl in a lustful way.
  • Phillip is too focused on his goals as a musician to be interested in women, however, if the right girl comes along, Phillip may warm up to her overtime.
  • Seleste finds sex to be scary if she hasn't developed a close bond or hasn't married the person yet, and is more interested in the heart of the man than the physical attributes of the man. She might be classified as demisexual, and falls in love with Donny Shwartz.

Vanity Smurf himself is classified as autosexual and metrosexual. His main attraction is towards himself, but if he didn't have an attraction towards himself, he would be attracted to girls, especially tomboyish ones.

Donny Shwartz is identified as pansexual, with a preference for women, in his quote "I find people beautiful, but [she's] the most beautiful of all". He ends up falling in love with Seleste.

Silver Smurf himself is asexual greyromantic. While he is not looking for a romantic relationship, he can't help but feel romantic attraction at times, mainly towards women.

Bioau stories

In the Bioau series, there are smurfs of many different sexualities. Most smurfs are either heterosexual or bisexual, although homosexual or asexual smurfs do exist. Same-sex relationships are accepted by smurf society, due to smurfs believing that love is a precious treasure that shouldn't be repressed. The fact that human society does not accept same-sex relationships seems to the smurfs like foolish nonsense, because someone being in love with someone else of the same gender isn't hurting anyone.

Smurfs with sexualities relevant to the story include:

  • Brainy Smurf, whose sexuality doesn't fit any labels due to his nonbinary gender identity, but who is exclusively attracted to men.
  • Handy Smurf, who is a lesbian, and who ends up in a long-distance relationship with another woman.
  • Archaeologist Smurf and Miner Smurf, who are both bisexual- the two are also married to each other.

These labels, however, are assigned by the author out-of-universe, and the terms are not known or used by the Smurfs themselves. The average gay male Smurf would not describe himself as "gay" or "homosexual," and would instead just say he wasn't into women. Lesbian Smurfs are similar, and a lesbian Smurf would just say she wasn't into men. The terms "uranian" and "sapphic" do exist, but are only used in a literary sense, never in day-to-day life.

Smurfs: The Thomas & Friends Series

There is absolutely no sexual orientation on the Smurfs and the engines, except for the people in the Island of Sodor and other locations.

The Butterverse

In the Butterverse, the sexualities of Smurfs can and do vary, however most are (or along the) bisexual spectrum and may or may not have preferences. Others may chose to more specifically identify as pansexual if they feel gender does not factor into their attraction. An even smaller percentage of Smurfs would consider themselves homosexual and are not attracted to the opposite sex at all, and a few consider themselves heterosexual with only attraction to the opposite sex. In some cases, the orientation may be more specific, such as in the case of Clumsy Smurf, who would be considered a panromantic demisexual, as gender does not factor into his crushes but he does need a strong emotional connection to form a relationship. Some Smurfs experience limited or no attraction at all, and will fall under the aro-ace spectrum.

Since most of the Smurfs live in a single gendered colony, it is much easier for them to find partners within their own community, as very few of them are willing to swap the village for grove and vice versa, although it has happened. This does somewhat factor into the surplus of same-sex Smurf couples in this universe. The other factor is that whilst Smurfs can and do fall in love with members of other species, like the difference between the grove and village, Smurfs dislike straying too far from their communities as they are social creatures, and other species' may not be compatible with Smurf life, meaning most will simply pick another Smurf partner eventually, the gender of which will be entirely up to the individual.

For other species, the ratio may be slightly more balanced, especially in cases of Humans or Fairies where they live in societies with more of a male-female balance than the single gendered colonies. Even in species' where same-sex couples are not discriminated against, such as the mermaids of Atlantica, there may still simply be a higher ratio of heterosexual members. Since this is the middle ages, humans, and potentially witches and wizards, may have some outdated (by modern standards) views on love and relationships; which the Smurfs would find cruel and unusual, like so many things they dislike about human society and the attitudes of humans towards other living things.

The Talking Parrots: Smurfs

Because in this series baby smurfs are brought by storks, probably smurfs don't feel need of sex, what makes all of them asexual (possibly there may be different types). This subject hasn't been developed so far and it is impossible to say the details about their sexual orientaions. Vanity is the olny smurf who clearly is in love, because he loves himself. Some other smurfs may seem to love Smurfette, but it hasn't been explicitly stated.

Sexual orientation of humans is simillar to the real life making many of them heterosexual. Natalie hasn't been in love yet and she doesn't seem to look for anybody. It is unknown if it is cased of being aromantic asexual or just being too much into her hobby.


In the 90sCartoonverse, Smurfette is a lesbian while Brainy and Clumsy are in a relationship with each other.