Slouchy Smurfling (Empath Stories)
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Adult Slouchy Vic George
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Slouchy Smurfling
Also Known AsBartimaeus Andrew Smurf (birth name)
Schtroumpf Molasson (Schtroumpf translation)
NationalitySmurfling Island, unknown clan
Marital StatusPresently single, later dating
Known RelationsNat Smurfling (adopted brother)
Snappy Smurfling (adopted brother)
Sassette Smurfling (adopted sister)
Meaghan Smurfette (future wife)
Tapper (future father-in-law)
ResidenceFormerly Smurfling Island, now Smurf Village
Voice ActorPamela Hayden (Desired)
First AppearanceEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf (novel)

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"My fellow Smurflings get too excited over everything too easily."

Bartimaeus Andrew "Slouchy" Smurf is one of the characters in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.


His origin differs from his cartoon show universe counterpart in that he along with Snappy and Nat originally came from Smurfling Island, arriving with a rescued dog named Puppy whom Homnibus had sent as a pet for the Smurfs. He and his two fellow Smurflings also released Sassette, a female Smurfling, from being trapped inside a crystal that she had been imprisoned in for the past 100 years.

About a year after The Lost Year, Slouchy and his fellow Smurflings were aged into adults by Blossom the woodelf. During his brief time as an adult Smurf, Slouchy worked alongside Farmer in the fields. Though he actually enjoyed the work, Slouchy preferred doing it as a Smurfling so that he could have fun with his fellow Smurflings.

As an adult Smurf, Slouchy fell in love with Tapper's daughter Meaghan, whom he found beautiful but also rather snarky, which he didn't mind. He and Meaghan eventually married, with Slouchy becoming Tapper's son-in-law. In his later years both he and his wife Meaghan became Christians and joined Tapper by his bedside upon his death on Christmas Day.


His personality is similar to that of his cartoon show universe counterpart in that he is very laid-back and calm in his dealings with other Smurfs, including his fellow Smurflings. While he is considered the shortest among the Smurflings due to his poor posture, he doesn't let it bother him much. As with his fellow male Smurflings, Slouchy has a crush on Smurfette and envies the fact that Empath has an ongoing relationship with her.


Like his fellow Smurflings in the Smurf Village, Slouchy is a student currently enrolled in the primary grades of their school system. In the Smurflings band, Slouchy plays a saxophone made of junk. On Smurfette's Ray Of Sunshine album, he is credited for the turntable and backing vocals.

In "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", Slouchy appeared in the land of Odds as the Tin Woodsmurf.

Clothing And Appearance

Slouchy generally wears a white Smurf hat with the top part flopping to the side, plus a red shirt, blue baggy pants, and white sneakers. His adult physique as a Smurf is usually considered slim.

Voice Actor

His most likely voice actor would be Pamela Hayden, one of the voice actors from The Simpsons.