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Smurf Village Massacre is a fictional setting created in the Imaginarium by Grouchy Smurf in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.


The main purpose of the setting is for the player to just simply massacre the entire Smurf Village however he sees fit with whatever weapons are available. Once all the Smurfs are killed, the setting ends.


Grouchy tells Empath that the main reason for the setting is just to vent his frustrations out on his fellow Smurfs in a safe way that doesn't bring actual harm to anyone else. However, the setting is just so disturbingly graphic that a content warning and an age restriction is put in place so that other Smurfs will not access this particular fantasy setting. Fortunately, the safety features have been turned on so that if any person playing the setting is killed, they are simply exited out of the setting without any harm.

History Of Use

During Grouchy's playthrough of the setting, he found it very difficult to kill to imagined versions of his closest friends Empath, Tapper, Smurfette, and Duncan McSmurf as they ended up becoming the voices of reason that he couldn't ignore, and thus he closed out the setting without bringing any harm to them. Baby Smurf also doesn't get harmed in that scenario either, as Grouchy cares too much for Baby to ever see any harm come upon him. Eventually Grouchy became so guilt-ridden for having played through such a scenario that he deleted it permanently and confessed the whole matter to the real versions of Empath and Tapper.


  • This fictional setting is loosely based on Destructive Creations' Steam-released video game Hatred.

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