Smurf Plane Fanfiction
Smurf plane
CreatorHandy Smurf
First Appearance"I Believe I Can Fly"

The smurf plane (also sometimes called the Aerosmurf) was an invention that Handy had created in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story "Handy's Flying Lessons" about five years before Empath's final return to the Smurf Village. In its original form, it was a single-seated single-winged airplane that required a key to wind up its motor.

During Handy's test flight of his new invention, he had accidentally ran over Smurfette's flower garden, knocked over the bricks of her chimney, and shredded up her laundry. When Smurfette went out into the forest to replace the flowers, she was captured by Gargamel, and a note was sent to the Smurfs telling them to give themselves up by sundown or else. Handy went after Gargamel in the smurf plane, buzzing around him until he had dropped the net carrying Smurfette, allowing Handy to catch her and pull her into the smurf plane. As Handy led Gargamel on a chase through the Smurf Forest to lose the wizard, the plane's motor stopped working and it started to fall to the ground. Handy quickly repowered the motor long enough for them to escape to the village, where Handy helped with the restoring of things that his invention had destroyed in his test flight.

However, Gargamel built a flying invention of his own and used it to find the Smurf Village and drop web bombs onto every Smurf, trapping them wherever the bombs fell. Handy escaped the web bombs and flew in his smurf plane to confront Gargamel, who then pelted the flying Smurf with rapid-fire acorns, damaging the smurf plane. Handy decided to fly the smurf plane through the wings of Gargamel's flying invention, causing him to lose both control and altitude as he flew away from the Smurf Village. Unfortunately, this damaged the smurf plane to the point where he lost control of it, and so Handy had to escape by dropping through a hatch and using a parachute to glide to safety while the smurf plane crashed into a tree.

Sometime prior to Empath's return, Handy had built a new smurf plane that was identical to the first, except that it was now a two-seater vehicle and that it now ran on Smurf fertilizer as fuel. Handy used this vehicle to return Empath Smurf to the Smurf Village when he had left Psychelia on his 150th birthday. It was later used during the Smurfs' final assault on Gargamel in his castle when he was using the Gauntlets of Gantharros.

The smurf plane is based on a similar invention that appeared in the comic book story "The Aerosmurf".