Season 11 is part of the Expanded Animated Universe created by Esquilo30. It is open to other users for episode listings.

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Series Information

After the conclusion of Season 10, which introduced new characters such as Hethera and Joey McCormick, this season entails a new set of adventures.

Season Specials

  1. Bringing some new characters into the mix, Smurf Heroes: The Legendary Moon Medal offers intriguing plot developments following the rise of a gargoyle who kidnaps Moxette and threatens to be the downfall of the entire forest if his demands are not met. With little choice in the matter, Joey McCormick enlists the aid of a lone Gnome and his pet owl in order to save everyone. 

Episode Listing

  1. Smurf Heroes: The Legendary Moon Medal -- Season Special (coming soon)
  2. The Blue Moon: Piximp's Choice (coming soon)

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  • This Season was officially created by Numbuh 404 on March 21st, 2014. The LD Stories episodes were removed and relocated by the author on April 17th, 2017.
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