Smurfs Without Hats Logo

Smurfs Without Hats is a musical band that performed at a Smurfstock Festival in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story "Smurphony Of The Night". As the name implies, the members of this band don't wear Smurf hats during their performances. The name of the song they perform is "The Smurfy Dance".

Scribbler Smurf, though not technically part of the band, occasionally sings parts of the songs that are written in Schtroumpf. Despite the logo's appearance, none of the members of the band are actually protesting the use of Smurf hats and are very respectful of Smurf culture.


  • Smurfs Without Hats is named after the real-life New Wave 1980s band, Men Without Hats.