Snappy Smurfling (Empath Stories)
The character as he currently appears

Adult Snappy Vic George
The character as an adult Smurf

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Snappy Smurfling
Also Known AsBartholomew Joseph Smurf (birth name)
Snap (nickname, used by the Smurflings)
Schtroumpf Colerique (Schtroumpf translation)
NationalitySmurfling Island, unknown clan
Marital StatusPresently single, later married
Known RelationsNat Smurfling (adopted brother)
Slouchy Smurfling (adopted brother)
Sassette Smurfling (future wife)
Nelson Smurf (future son)
Lisa Smurfette (future daughter)
ResidenceFormerly Smurfling Island, now Smurf Village
Voice ActorNancy Cartwright (Desired)
First AppearanceEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf (novel)

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Not to be confused with Snappy the ladybug from the same universe.

"It's my way or the high way!"

Bartholomew Joseph "Snappy" Smurf is one of the characters in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.


His origin differs from his cartoon show universe counterpart in that he along with Slouchy and Nat originally came from Smurfling Island, arriving with a rescued dog named Puppy whom Homnibus had sent as a pet for the Smurfs. He and his two fellow Smurflings also released Sassette, a female Smurfling, from being trapped inside a crystal that she had been imprisoned in for the past 100 years.

About a year after The Lost Year, Snappy and his fellow Smurflings were aged into adults by Blossom the woodelf. During his brief time as an adult Smurf, Snappy worked briefly alongside Vino in the winery operating the winepress, then with Biscotti in his bakery, and finally with Gelato at the Smurfwalk Cafe. When he finally decided he would rather become a Smurfling again, none of the adult Smurfs wanted Snappy to work with them until he was all grown up the right way.

In his later adult years, Snappy fell in love with and married his fellow former Smurfling Sassette, remembering how beautiful she looked as an adult Smurf during the brief time they had spent as adult Smurfs during their Smurfling years. They had two children together named Nelson and Lisa.


His personality is similar to that of his cartoon show universe counterpart in that he is an impulsive bratty child that generally acts before he thinks and wants everything to be his way. He is also quick to give Brainy Smurf a hard time with snappy insults about his intelligence. His impulsive and reckless behavior also led him to trying out various substances such as glowberries and dumdum flowers, only to suffer the effects of such experimentation. As with his fellow male Smurflings, Snappy has a crush on Smurfette and envies the fact that Empath has an ongoing relationship with her.


Like his fellow Smurflings in the Smurf Village, Snappy is a student currently enrolled in the primary grades of their school system. In the Smurflings band, Snappy plays the drums. On Smurfette's Ray Of Sunshine, he is credited for drums and backing vocals.

In "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", Snappy appeared in the land of Odds as the Cowardly Lion.

Clothing And Appearance

Snappy generally wears a white Smurf hat and pants along with a yellow pullover shirt that has the design of a thundercloud and lightning bolt on the front. His adult physique as a Smurf is considered within the normal range of his species.

Voice Actor

His most likely voice actor would be Nancy Cartwright, who voices Bart Simpson on The Simpsons.