Traveler Smurf (Numbuh 404 Style)
Traveler Smurf
Also Known AsPolaris Smurf (original name)
Schtroumpf Voyageur (Schtroumpf translation)
RaceSmurf/Psyche descendant
OccupationTime traveler
Known RelationsEmpath Smurf (great-grandfather)
Smurfette (great-grandmother)
Polaris Psyche (great-grandfather)
Hefty Smurf (great-grandfather)
ResidenceThe Time Stream
Voice ActorGarrett Wang (Desired)
First Appearance"Papa Smurf & Mama Smurfette"

Empath Icon

"I am the Traveler, and I'm arriving in a new place with a new face..."

- from the song "The Traveler"

Polaris "Traveler" Smurf is a character created by Vic George for his EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf series of Smurfs fanfiction stories.


In one of the stories that he appears in, Traveler is identified as the great-grandson of Empath, Smurfette, Hefty, and Polaris Psyche. He was originally born as Polaris Smurf, the last living Smurf who was raised by Empath until his death in 2005 in a hollowed tree somewhere in the forests of Belgium. Polaris was around 250 years of age when he became Traveler Smurf, inheriting the last vestiges of power from the Psyche Master that had been passed on to Empath.


His personality is similar to that of his great-grandfather Empath. He is great fascinated by the era of the Middle Ages where Empath and his fellow Smurfs were in the prime of their youth, where most of their adventures took place. His voice patterns are also similar to that of his great-grandfather, which he outgrew around his later years of living. However, being also a descendant of a Psyche, Traveler also has an inborn stoicism that has been passed on from his great-grandfather Polaris Psyche, whom he had gotten his name from.


He is a time-traveler who can investigate alternate timelines of whoever he comes into contact with. In another story, he attempts to use his temporal energies to help Polaris Psyche prevent himself and Smurfette from being sucked up into a vortex created by the Key Of Chronos.


He is identified by flaming hair, golden eyes, a glowing star on his forehead, and a gold bodysuit outfit. As a descendant of both Empath and Hefty, Traveler has the birthmarks of both his forefathers. His physique as a Smurf before he became a temporal energy being is considered within the normal range of his species.


  • Traveler was modeled after the DC Comics character Waverider. His name is based on the song "The Traveler" by A Flock Of Seagulls, which is his character song.
  • His French name is identical to that of the Traveler Smurf from the comic books.
  • Credit goes to Numbuh 404 for the character pose of the profile image, which is based on the current one for Hero Smurf.

Possible Voice Actor

Traveler would probably be voiced by Garrett Wang, who played Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager.