As you may have noticed, but probably don't care, I've been gone since ~September. My edit rate is virtually nonexistent and even before then, I wasn't making waves of changes like I did before.

probably because I've reached the same point I have with previous smurfs fanfictions.

Sympath. Traction. Axel. The Khurfs. My list of failures grows and grows, like the days since M. Night Shymalan made a critically-acclaimed movie. And it's not like I don't have ideas.

I'm just horrible at articulating them in a concise, cohesive format.

some people have been working on fanfictions for years. when newcomes enter the wiki, they see how built-up their portfolios are. how much work they've done.

and i've got nothing to show for mine.

maybe that's my destiny. welp

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