As I was dealing with a few somebodies here about an article that I had to put under admin protection, I was thinking about the issue some people have with creative liberty -- that some folks do not like having their cartoon characters being tainted by "adult things", even in fanfiction, and would rather have that element be removed than just simply ignore those stories that have "adult things" in it or even create their own stories that are free of those "adult things".

The reason that I write the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series the way that I do is that I don't see the Smurfs are being entirely pure characters; that they deal with things that humans also deal with, the pleasures and the perks as well as the pains and pitfalls. Treating them as entirely pure characters with hardly a hint of anything real about them would just reduce them to nothing more than flat cartoon characters in my series.

I had to deal with a similar issue years ago when a former contributor to this wiki was complaining about adding religious content to the wiki, as if religion has no place in Smurfs fanfiction. Again this goes against the idea of allowing people to have creative liberty within reasonable limits on this wiki, and would also strip the stories of anything particularly meaningful to teach anybody -- that there is good and bad that goes on in religions, whether those religions are real or just made up for the story series' universe.

Basically, what I am saying with this post is: if you don't like having your Smurf stories be tainted with "adult things" or "real world things" in them, then DON'T READ THEM, or better yet, create your own story series on this wiki however way you want the characters to be in them. NOBODY IS FORCING YOU TO WRITE YOUR STORIES WITH "ADULT THINGS" OR "REAL WORLD THINGS" IN THEM. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF CREATIVE LIBERTY. If you can't handle being on a wiki that has stories with even a hint of that stuff you don't like in them, then YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING ON THIS WIKI IN THE FIRST PLACE. We will put warnings in our story headings to make sure that if it contains such material in the stories, it would be best for you to avoid them.

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